Untitled: a fleeting moment of today

There are little moments in my days where my mind seems to step outside of the particular task I have my hands in and alight upon something new, transcendent, unexpected, other-wordly — difficult to describe, but I had one of those moments today while hanging up the laundry.  Its 4p here — it’s hot outside (the nearest pool finally opened today), but the sun has lost its edge and the birds and crickets are chirping.  The washcloths and hand-towels I was hanging up were damp and cold, such a contrast to the weather.  In the distance, I could hear someone hitting their futon or rug or something on their balcony, airing it out — there really was no other noise but the bugs and the rhythmic “whack-whack-whack” of my neighbor.  And I drank it all in, so simple, and said to myself, “This feels like summer.”  And in that short moment, my soul was refreshed and I felt like writing.  What strange beings we are — the inner-workings of our minds and souls, the things that refresh or upset us, our senses and our bodies, so intricately connected with our thoughts — none of it can be understood by any but our Creator.  Today’s moment also made me think that He must delight in these simple things, too.. the simple things of our lives bringing Him pleasure.  Truly, we are His children.

Lord, I want to know more of how You love us.

2 thoughts on “Untitled: a fleeting moment of today

  1. that is awesome jame- i had that exact thought today- well kind of.. josiah and i were outside together and he was having SO much fun just playing in the dirt and just throwing it. he would crumble it up in his hands.. and i thought to myself- it’s so awesome how they get SO much joy out of simple things. and SO sad that as we grow older we want the cooler, trender, hipper.. thing.. but i desire to delight in the small things of life (like you said) to enjoy the simple things of life like DIRT! 🙂
    love you girl

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