Frying eggs on the pavement

Summer is HOT.  I don’t know how I could forget that — perhaps because I spent the last summer nursing a newborn (indoors) and the summer before that being plagued by morning sickness and thus fearful to leave our house (indoors).  Oh, air conditioning, what a lovely thing you are.  Toddler boys, however, don’t seem to understand the blessed bliss of it and would rather get dirty and wet outdoors.  Today, we went to a fruit/veggie stand for some cheap broccoli, apples, and cucumbers, stopped by a park, ate lunch, and played with water in ours and the neighbor’s yards, all before naptime.  Whew — I say, the boy can get stuff accomplished.

After he was settled, I left for an afternoon of journaling and reading — it’s Wednesday, you know.  It was lovely, I drank a *FREE* iced mocha because of a filled-up point card, and God spoke to me.. it was lovely.

The weather has made me think a lot about fashion and style — and how they just have no place for me in summer.  The things I like — scarves, layering, etc — don’t mix well with sweat and the hot, Hot, HOT-ness of summer here.  I have basically three pieces that I’m rotating between (two dresses and a skirt), and when I’m just chillin’ with Jones and really don’t care, I wear some running shorts and an old tank top.  People here, though, are always dressed to the nines, it seems.  And they are wearing long sleeves and jeans.  Its beyond me.

I’m really looking forward to fall so I can exercise more creativity with clothes.. What are your favorite clothing pieces?

4 thoughts on “Frying eggs on the pavement

  1. I hear you! I just hate summer clothes. Right now I’m wearing a white tank top and a teal box pleated skirt. (I do, though, happen to like what I’m wearing today.)

    I never liked wearing sweaters before I moved to Nebraska, but it gets COLD here, so my new favorite thing to wear in the fall and winter is jeans (of course), slipper socks, a short sleeved t-shirt and a half-zip fleece. And then I stay inside with my coffee. 🙂

    On Saturdays, though, it’s a different story, as you well know. It’s the HUSKERS half zip fleece and tee shirt combination. And I BIG RED bow in my pony tail.

  2. This is about the time of summer where I start getting tired of my summer clothes, too. But there are 2 pieces that I still am enjoying:
    1/ sleeveless black blouse with floral print; empire waist, so that it can hide that Coconut Cream Pie custard from Culver’s the other night, yet still not make me look like a pregnant 45 year old; and
    2/ jean shorts, cut slimly; length to the top 1/3 of my knee–giving the impression of a pencil skirt; casual yet somewhat elegant. Or at least I think so. 🙂

    One thing I do NOT like about summer dressing–the need to carry with me, almost always, a jacket or sweater for those stores and restaurants where they must have it set at 65 freaking degrees! What is up with that??

  3. And yet, somehow (as always), even in your limited summer wardrobe, you manage to look quite beautiful, every single day! that’s a gift, my friend- an absolute gift!

  4. oh man i hear ya- we are outside way too much 🙂 before it was so easy doing a summer deal because you just go from air conditioner to air conditioner.. super easy. now we are outside for hours like you guys! 🙂 and yes i have a few outfits that i only wear and don’t care!

    my fav things to wear are layers too- scarves- a black turtle neck- jeans… love fall/winter clothes!

    love you girl

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