Gettin’ crafty like the serpent

I’ve been creating like a mad-woman around here recently..


:::  Recently discovering SouleMama’s blog.  LOVE. IT.  Her book looks fantastic — on the top of my “to buy” list.
:::  SUNSHINE.  That Vitamin-whatever (is it D?) does my body good.  (I’m going to have to learn these random factoids soon or I’ll be behind on my “Why Mommy??” knowledge base. )
:::  Upcoming break from Japanese class and daydreaming about how I’ll spend my time.  (Sewing, writing, reading, baking..)
:::  Though I’ve moved to a foreign country, my tastebuds aren’t all that different.  In order to eat some of our fave dishes, we’ve had to get creative with the ingredients and make more things from scratch.  When B and I married two years ago, I knew NOTHING — I mean zilch, nada, NOTHING — about cooking.  I’d made him a cheesecake and burned a few random meals up until that point, so I figured the best way to start learning was just to dive in and learn to make from scratch.  I LOVED it and realized it was much easier than the cheap brownie and dinner-on-the-go boxes at the store made me think it would be.  So, wanting to cook from scratch hasn’t changed — but the extent to which I carry this desire has.  Making homemade pitas, juices, sauces, pizzas, bagels, etc, and now having to do so on a speedy and regular basis — “from scratch” used to be a special thing, but now it’s everyday, and it’s made me more confident and creative in the kitchen — which has transferred to other areas of my life.
:::   Jones getting bigger and wanting more variety of play — gotta think on my toes and come up with things he’ll enjoy.
:::   A recent time away with the LORD where He spoke to my heart about identity, freedom, confidence, being who I was made to be — these areas have become a little more difficult since moving to a 99% homogeneous country.  (We get stared at a lot, and they aren’t always nice looks..)
:::   Reading in the evenings.
:::   Waking up before Jones in the morning and getting some time with a sunny, quiet home before the chaos begins.
:::   Feeling more adjusted to life in Japan.


:::   Some homemade lemonade with dinner the other night.
:::   These easy, simple headbands made from old canvas tie-belts I’ve had lying around since junior high.  Scissors and velcro, people.. that’s it.

:::   Growing some herbs on our upstairs veranda.
:::   Creating a monthly menu system.  (Made my life a heck-of-a-lot easier..)
:::   Journaling more.
:::   Laughing more.
:::   Singing more.
:::   Finally putting some pictures up.
:::   Messing around on srapblog.
:::   A general enjoyment of my daily housewife and motherly tasks..

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