Challenge: Eat-Right August

I’ve recently been motivated by my hot hubby, who has started running again.  I’ve been feeling like crap, mainly because of a cold that’s lingering (another unexpected parenthood life-change:  illnesses hanging around longer than they used to), but also because I’ve been eating crap.  I realized the other day that I make certain that Jones is eating healthy, getting veggies and fruits and grains, etc — but I’ve kind of been eating whatever sounded good.  I don’t think I want to go into the details of what usually sounds ‘good’ since the move to Japan.. {think bread, sugar, and grease.}  And I haven’t been exercising intentionally since.. well.. since early college maybe?! (yikes! that hurts to admit!)

So I have some challenges for myself for the month of August, my sore-spots, if you will:

  • Snacking out — when I go places with Jones in the afternoons, I’m always tempted to buy a little something to eat.  I don’t think this is inherently wrong, but for this next month, I’m gonna practice some self control and NOT do this.
  • Make sure that there are veggies with both lunch AND dinner.
  • An intentional, exercise-oriented walk — daily? I don’t know.. every other day, perhaps..
  • Night snacking — OH. my. GOODNESS.  I’m bad at this.. just recently, since starting up ‘school’ again (language study), I want to snack while studying.. yikes.  Can I really cut this out?  Just for a month, I can.  No food past 8p for the month of August.
  • If I’m making Jones try it/have some, then I’m having some, too.
  • Iced mochas, lattes, frappes, etc — just once a week.  Oh, studying is just a junk-food attraction!

Wow.  I’m surprised by the downward spiral of things since our move to Japan (almost six months now!) — looks like August is good timing.  I’m going to go eat a cookie for good luck. (Bad karma?  August doesn’t start till tomorrow!!!)

Anyone else care to join?


7 thoughts on “Challenge: Eat-Right August

  1. Hi Jamie!

    Just stopped by to say sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, SEX!!


    Oh, and I want you to send me the cookie recipe you posted about below that can be frozen and cooked up in 9 minutes.

    christinemoers at hotmail dot com

    I love that you found me, and I’m praying for your libido by name today (seriously!).

  2. just to clarify, you’re coming to our place in august right? as in, the same month you are integrating these healthy eating habits?!? :S hmmm… about that….

    just kidding! i’m always up for some positive influence in my eating! or if you’re ready for a little splurge by then, well friend, we can take care of that too 😉

    way to go jamie! this encourages me to take steps to eat better (especially the night time snacking! yikes!)

  3. It’s funny that you are thinking about this, too, because I have been recently convicted about exercising regularly again ( I think I have been on at least a 2 year hiatus, and probably wasn’t doing that great before, either). I am going to try to walk or do an exercise video every other day.
    As for eating more healthy…I don’t do badly at meal times, it’s the snacking that does me in. I have a serious sweet tooth.
    Ah, chocolate, you dusky dark eyed mistress…

  4. Have you ever thought of giving green smoothies a try?? 🙂 They will rock your body…seriously! Archive either my blog or Renae also posted about green smoothies on Needs More Butter.

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. To answer your questions–Calvin is 4 1/2 years old. And I knew Bryan basically in a “friend of a friend” type way. I went to Zion for 8 years before moving to St. Louis, so I knew lots of people that knew him. I think we moved away before you 2 were married? And I’m so glad you’re enjoying “Welcome to my Brain!!” I would love to meet Christine someday, she gives me a daily dose of serious laughter.

    Love your blog!

  5. LOLing as well at the sex comment 🙂

    Jennifer — perhaps the trip to tokyo will be a good for me to begin the practice of eating well while away from home — doesn’t mean i can’t ENJOY the food i eat, right?? i can throw some veggies in there.. BREAD AND BAGELS, HERE I COME!!!!!

    sarah, i read about green smoothies on more butter and thought about trying them.. i’ll look at the recipe again — if memory serves me (which mostly it doesn’t these days), then there are quite a few things on there that i can’t get in japan.. i’ll check it out and report..

  6. Actually, there isn’t one, standard “recipe” when it comes to green smoothies…that’s really the beauty of them. I shouldn’t even call it a recipe, but more of a guideline to help a person get started making them. It’s great, too, because you put any type of greens in. (Though I usually suggest spinach as one of the best greens to start with if someone has never had them.) Here’s my original blog post on the subject:

    And here’s my second post on green smoothies:

    These might help answer some of your questions, plus I have some really helpful links of my posts as well. Your convictions about eating are convicting to me, too! I usually start out really great in the morning, eating a lot of raw food and such. But nighttime is always my un-doing! Far too many snacks, and often times I have every excuse in the book…it’s pathetic, really. I need to keep workin’ on it, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Here’s a blog I came across recently about a Christian, unschooling family:
    It helped give me that picture of what unschooling might look like from day to day, like I mentioned in your post on the subject. (Though I’ve read that unschooling can look totally different from one family to the next.)

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