Eat-right August :: Day 1

So I decided to post an overview of how things are going on a daily basis and maybe post a menu *yikes*  Here’s how today went:

:: good breakfast consisting of a muffin, banana, some blueberry yogurt and a cup of French press.

:: lunch of leftover penne with sauted corn/tomato/broccoli sauce-type-thing on top

:: I caved in the afternoon and ate a frozen chocolate chip cookie.. 😛

:: we made kabobs with some steak, eggplant, green pepper, tomatoes, and onion — had with baked potatoes.

Not too bad for the first day — a really short walk after dinner, but nothing in the exercise department.

Anyone else?


One thought on “Eat-right August :: Day 1

  1. You have motivated me–can we be eat right/exercise buddies from across the vast ocean? 🙂

    I got up early to take a walk today, because if ya wait too late, like 9:00, it’s too HUMID. So I went at 7:20, and walked for 40 minutes. I was planning on 30, but couldn’t find a through street when I wanted one, so added some length that I wasn’t anticipating.
    Then went to Great Harvest Bread Co. to meet Indra for a (skinny!) vanilla latte and a yummy oatmeal/blueberry muffin. YUM. Reasonably healthy, right?
    They also were featuring a spinach-feta bread today; I tried a sample and it was really good! Wonder if I could get the fam to eat spinach this way….or me, for that matter.

    So far, so good. But it’s early.

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