ERA :: day 2

Eat-right August!!

  • had some leftover baked potatoes sliced and sauted, with scrambled eggs and about 3 cups of percolated coffee — all cooked over a camp-stove at the beach with my hubby! it was AH-MAZING — taste, atmosphere, my hunk.. 🙂 one of our summer live-ins (American college students) watched Jones for a few hours for us. (We attempted to leave around 6a, but the little stinker woke up then, too! He usually gets up around 8.)
  • Lunch: leftover steak/veggie kabobs.
  • Some amazing pastry thing for a snack, with toddy lattes, shared with Bryan and a good friend who drove a little ways to hang out with us today.
  • home grilled burgers with lettuce and tomato for dinner — with some corn.
  • If you have company, gotta have something sweet!  A little ice cream with “drunken apples” on top (cooked cinnamon apples).

After dinner, we had a Bible study over Matthew 13:44-46.  It was amazing to get into the Bible together, just the three of us, and dig into these two verses — they led to a million other questions, topics, and stories, and its so good to get insight from other cultures (our friend is Japanese).  I was most challenged by the joy of the man in Matt. 13:44.. he sold EVERYTHING he had and bought that field with the treasure.  Something tells me he didn’t go home and think it over, or come up with a list of pros and cons, or go to his family for advice.  He found something that was worthy of pursuing, and he sold EVERYTHING, possibly.. no, LIKELY looking ridiculous in the process.  This passage spoke to me about how the LORD wants to engage all of me — my heart, my soul, my mind, my passions, my desires, my will — ALL of me… and how I usually operate as if my will (choices/decision)  or my mind (opinions/thoughts) were the only thing He wanted.

I just love the passion of this man.  I can see the joy on his face as he pursues his heart’s desire, no matter the cost.


2 thoughts on “ERA :: day 2

  1. hey jame- good job! i’m going to still be running while pregnant so you can ask me about it too- some days i don’t want to but i know in the end it’ll be SWEET!
    also i’m sending you a surprise! get ready! 🙂
    love ya my friend miles away- my friend that we’ve only talked once in person- love it! 🙂

  2. You are so funny. You ARE! I’ll join the eat-right August campaign, too. Especially cutting back on the snacking late at night. I’m off to my first day of a week-long class on writing this morning. Should be good-but poor Steve will be left at home all day. Pray that he hears about his bus-driving job today! 🙂 Love you.

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