Home, and Jelly Telly

Hi friends. We’re home! And the trip was great, no major breakdowns by Jones. (It could’ve been all the snacks and VeggieTales, but I’m not going to complain — its summer vacation.) But before I blog about the trip, I wanted to do a little press for something I think is important.. and very cool.

While in Tokyo, I learned from friends there that VeggieTales had been sold and was no longer a Christian-themed program. I was shocked. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted to know why. So I googled it — and came up with Phil Vischer’s blog. I read the whole story of the bankruptcy of Big Idea Productions, and the selling of VeggieTales. It was a sad story. (Click here to start from the beginning.) But then I learned that since I’m three years behind the story, a new idea was already in the making, and the more I read about it, the more excited I got. I’m not really a media person. I like the internet, I like movies, I like blogging — but they don’t fascinate or excite me. But this did.. There is just nothing like realizing that something you enjoy by someone you don’t know is for Jesus — I mean REALLY for Jesus, not just looking like it or using Christian-lingo or attempting to mimic the bigger market, but with a Christian faceplate.. Really, truly something for Jesus. I am so excited about this company, their ideas, their values, and they way they are going about the entire business — its different from the world, its business, its marketing, its values. I’m praying that it works.

To watch their intro video, go to JellyTelly.com

2 thoughts on “Home, and Jelly Telly

  1. so i noticed you haven’t blogged recently….hmm. mom told me that you guys might come home for molly and chris’s wedding and i’m basically stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’re gonna be gone when you get here (i think) but we should be back in time to see you before you leave. i would cry if i didn’t see you. 😀 ok well i was just sayin hi and that i can’t wait to see you!!!! ♥

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