Unplanned break

Been raining a lot lately — still summer here, but a little less humid, giving hope that fall is soon to come.

So.. when you have an unexpected turn of emotions in your life, how do you blog about it?  Only six months in, I’m still in the ‘major transition’ phase of moving overseas.  My language is improving, but the emotional ups-and-downs are still heavy on my tail.  I’ve been learning how to fight slipping off into despair, frustration, hopelessness — I didn’t realize how easily enticed I was by those pits till this last time around.  I think I always thought that, at some point, the straight-and-narrow would become a little wider and easier.  (Silly me.)  Fighting to rest in nothing other than Jesus is HARD WORK!  And I’m working in order to REST!

So I learned some good things the past few weeks, but didn’t feel much like blogging or writing, so the DLB was purposely ignored.  Oh, and the emails.. they overwhelmed me, so I avoided them.  But I thought of my friends and thought of writing them a lot.  Even now, forthrightness to type up what I’m thinking to all those I’m thinking of escapes me.  Posting here is a little easier.

That’s all for now.  Still praying that I can find initiative to email my friends.  I love you guys, even if your inbox doesn’t say so!


One thought on “Unplanned break

  1. Jme-chan, I love you dearly and miss you! I hear your voice in these words (and you are quite a romantic, dear 🙂
    I love you.
    I love you.
    – mel

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