I’ve enjoyed the “ing” posts on some friends’ blogs, and I’ve recently been rather stuck on how to blog about my current emotions, things I’m learning, ways God is changing and growing me.  So I’m going to steal the “ing” post instead.

Reading “Stormie” by Stormie Omartian — a great autobiographical book of her deliverance from an abusive past and its effects in her life.  Read through in one day.

Drinking an iced latte with a little sugar syrup, my favorite warm weather treat.

Wishing that fall in Shizuoka looked a little more like Nebraska.  (Can I get an ‘amen,’ Jo??)

Cooking during Jones’s naptime to avoid the making-dinner-meltdown we’ve been having daily for a while now.  I do as much prep as I can during his nap, even if that means making the whole thing and reheating before dinner.  Then when he wakes up, he has my attention and isn’t climbing up my leg while I’m trying to chop chicken — dangerous!

Making plans to come home for Christmas.  That’s right, we’ll be back in good ole’ Nebraska for two weeks so B can be a part of his friend’s wedding!!  It’s an unplanned trip, so it has to stay short.  Even so, I’m going to eat cinnamon rolls every day!!

Killing my basil plant.  I just never remember to water it and the once novel idea of an herb garden has waned and become boring.  I just can’t take care of plants, and that’s it.

Praying for deliverance from anger, bouts with depression, and my anxiety about Bible reading.

Learning to see the Bible as my soul food — whether I remember what I ate or not, it will still nourish my body.

Wanting to change my header photo to something more “fall-esque,” but there isn’t anything around that looks like fall yet.  Maybe I’ll take pictures of the rice.

Thinking about how the internet is a double-edged sword — its been much easier to keep in touch with people and get information quickly, but the stress of email and staying up with blogs might not be worth it.  Sometimes I wish for a world without cell phones and computers — it would be free in a different kind of way.

Washing laundry every other day, and loving it!  It’s made laundry a fun task — loads are small and I can actually hang them up on our veranda in less than 6 minutes, and fold and put them away the next day without much effort.  There is less stress when I don’t wait for three or four loads to pile up and do them all in one day.  I can actually say now that I am one of those weird people who likes to do laundry. (Thank you, Jesus!! ‘Fore I’ll be awashin’ laundry for a looooooong time to come!)


4 thoughts on “Ing

  1. Loving your header. That shot is beautiful and very fall-like, if you ask me. It’s raining today in NE, too.

    Looking forward to Christmas. I’ll eat at least two (or ten) cinnamon rolls with you.

    Agreeing that the internet is a double-edged sword. While I enjoy reading blogs, I find that they produce some anxiety within me. After returning home from vacation, I became highly aware of how relaxing it was to be away from blogland. Sigh…

    Pondering reading Stormie. I was encouraged by her book on praying for your husband.

    Missing you and Bryan and Jones. : )

  2. I’ve never seen and ‘ing’ blog before and it’s a good idea. I’m hoping to plant some herbs as well once we move in. One less thing to have to buy. Any suggestions other than don’t forget to water? I know what you mean about keeping up with emails and blog, there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done on top of parenting.

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