Let’s get it all out on the table

I wanna know:  what are the food items you enjoy/have in your home that you’re ashamed to admit to?  I’m hoping that airing my own alluring secret foods will give them less power over my stomach.. because we seem to be having some issues in this area lately.  (“We”?  Who’s “we”?  I think it just makes me feel better..)

Any number will do.  Here are mine:

  • Kraft boxed macaroni and cheese — though I’m now adult enough to know that anything in powdered form simply cannot be real food, this is STILL my favorite snack.  I love the taste and can’t seem to let it go, though we have had phases of separation in our long relationship.
  • Velveeta “cheese” — hubby loves it an requested it from America so we could make his favorite nacho dip.  As I was cutting it tonite, I had this disgusted look on my face, I just knew it — like this is going to taste good, but I can’t believe I’m eating something that’s this rubbery and flexible.
  • Little crunch ice cream bars — probably 1/4 the size of the American ice cream crunch bars, but still.. I’ve been eating one or two every night.  EVERY. NIGHT.  for the past two weeks.  I finally told Bryan to just stop buying them because I couldn’t handle the pressure of them calling to me from the freezer once bedtime was over and the dishes were done and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and consume something tasty.

11 thoughts on “Let’s get it all out on the table

  1. I really agree with the boxed mac and cheese that stuff is still a huge favorite guilty pleasure – I make it a bit more “adult” and “healthy” by throwing in a can of tuna. Gotta love those omega-3 fatty acids!

  2. they have this great organic mac and cheese by Annie- i can send you some! 🙂

    – nutella.. killer for me. i take spoon fulls of it and eat it plan. have you had this? you would LOVE it!
    – candy- i’m like a little kid.. starbursts, hard candy, truffles whatever hide them and eat them.
    – jalepano kettle chips-

    those are a few! 🙂
    love you

  3. Jamie, I think you have uncovered the situation for everyone! Food! Your blog is great. You cover a lot of necessary and interesting subjects and get a lot of very helpful responses. However, I have noticed you got more comments about the food than anything else. I knew it!!! After all, just think about me. I already need to drop 20 pounds and I still need something sweet after meals and I love some “bunny tracks” Ice cream before I go to bed. That being said, one of my favorite things is still the Kraft mac and cheese AND the nachos with velveeta (had some last night. Now that’s some good stuff Maynard!!) I also like popcorn a lot but it is a little boring without the butter and salt which I should not eat(Had some of that last night too, Ha!) By the way, Dixie made me your asparagus recipe again the other night. It is always really, really good! Thanks for sharing that. If you can find anything else that is really good for me and tastes good too, let me know.
    Love you! Give Bryan and Jones a hug.

  4. mike, your answer was so hilarious!! bryan is definitely your son, he said almost the SAME WORDS about the velveeta dip when he was eating it last night — though he didn’t use the name “maynard” 🙂 we cracked up when we read that! we miss yoU!!

  5. As far as indulgences…Ice cream, for sure. Also sometimes candy/chocolate. Soda. Basically I crave sweets in the evening, so if they’re around, at some point I’ll give in and eat them. I guess those aren’t really “secret” foods or that I’m embarassed to have around, though. In that category, I’ll also fess up to boxed mac and cheese. Lean Cuisine frozen meals (for lunches). Microwave popcorn with transfats.

  6. I don’t know that I am necessarily ashamed to have them in my house, but I know that it is *dangerous* to have the following items: Hot Tamales (yes, the red cinnamon candy that probably has high levels of red dye in it) and Cheetos (the crunchy kind, not the puffy kind). Both of these are things that I have a hard time stopping eating, once I’ve started.
    And I’m with you on the mini (or big!) ice cream bars. I favor the Snickers myself….

  7. Oh my goodness. I’ve been reading peoples’ comments and I’m getting hungry for cheetos and candy–at 8:45 in the morning!

    Yes, mac and cheese is a big one for me. Weird how universal it is!
    Toaster strudels. Mmmm.
    Hamburger helper. Not necessarily really tasty, but always there in the cupboard and just plain embarrassing.

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