(This is the *best* way to do an update on recent life and musings! I love it!)

Playing endlessly with an old train set Jones inherited from some friends in Shizuoka.  He’s totally in love with the Shinkansen!

Reading Hebrews to prepare for our *new* Bible study with the other American staff members here.

Praying for our friends who own and operate a local cafe — the coolest cafe I’ve ever been to — but around whom I can feel the sadness.  Wishing I didn’t feel so helpless with Japanese.  Hoping they can experience the love of Christ though we don’t know how to express our concerns and love for them.  Wanting to have a good talk with the wife, for whom my heart is aching.  Thinking that I can’t possibly imagine how the LORD would save them, but I know its possible.

Needing to feed my son breakfast — he’s been playing with trains all morning and has yet to eat!


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