Images: bridget, popcorn, laundry, yearbook, candles

..that was our afternoon yesterday. Turns out it’s going to be rainy all week, so we might have a few more of ’em.

Bryan left in the early afternoon to study, and I spent Jones’s nap catching up on some emails and blog-reading. Then I spent an hour having fun with various pics at yearbook yourself, which I left as the computer wallpaper to surprise Bryan.

(A wasted hour? I think not!) (Weren’t the 90s great?  I’m reminded particularly by Amy Grant with this hair..)

This was his retaliation. 🙂

And this one just for fun.. (I think it might be my favorite.)

Gotta throw Jones in there, too.. Here’s 1964.

1976.. you were a GOOD year.  (You’re not going to read any more of this post, are you?  You’re gonna go yearbook yourself, right??  Well, its just about popcorn and laundry anyway..)

SOO.. when Jones woke up, it was still rainy and cold (and dark!), so we made popcorn together on the stove (he liked the sound of kernels popping), pushed back the coffee table, dumped the laundry on the floor, and popped in “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” Jones had an absolute heyday with the mound of popcorn in the bowl, much of which ended up on the floor. He just couldn’t believe I let him eat as much as he wanted. 🙂 It was relaxing and fun.

What do you do on rainy days?

3 thoughts on “Images: bridget, popcorn, laundry, yearbook, candles

  1. LOL! I love the pics. It’s taking all kinds of self-restraint to avoid going to that site right this minute. It strikes me that Jones is unbearably cute in any decade–how can you resist a little ’64 version of his sweet face? : )

    I remember the days of watching Friend and folding laundry in the afternoons with Liv. Those days are so over! Enjoy, my friend!

  2. the pics wouldn’t come up on my screen so i’ll check in later. rainy days- yesterday- we rented a movie (alvin and the chipmunks.. and watched it twice.) yep i felt worthless all day. but love your attitude of it was fun. it always seems like the twins are in trouble more with those rainy days- it was LONG and i was grumpy at the end of the day.
    i basically kind of let them do whatever- jump on beds, eat ice cream, dig up worms! 🙂
    love ya

  3. I probably have a picture from around that era that actually *does* look like that….although my hair was a bit shorter. Ah, the days of curls induced by harsh chemicals….
    I, too, love the 1964 Jones!

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