Today, I was playing Coldplay’s “Rush of Blood to the Head” through the living room TV, burning a candle, and I was instantly, romantically reminded of The Coffee House in Lincoln, immediately wanting to sip one of their hot apple ciders — some Earl Grey will have to suffice.  It all put me in the writing mood.

Jones is playing in the other room, the tatami guest room that has become his ‘space.’  We got out some trains earlier this afternoon when he decided not to nap today.  (More teeth?  How many times have I asked that question??)  He’s so independent, and has lately been playing a lot by himself — with trains, trucks, books, household papers, the sliding glass doors, the curtains, the videos, the computer (a no no!), the pots and pans, my baking drawer, etc.  Sometimes I can hardly believe that he doesn’t need my supervision all seconds of the day anymore.  Sometimes I feel a little mother-guilt about him playing alone in other rooms of the house — should I be with him?  Is it okay that I’m doing something else?  Its just such a foreign thing, this transition from baby life to childhood.  I don’t want to miss a second of it or let any small triumph of his life slip past unnoticed.  These are good desires, but they can easily overwhelm a first-time mother, I think.

(I just checked in on him, peeking through the doorway to see him sprawled out on the floor, train tracks all around him, taking pieces of popcorn from his afternoon-snack bowl and leisurely nibbling on them.  He looked so at peace with the world.  He’s such a strange mix of Bryan and me, extreme ‘E’ and ‘I’, respectively.)

I have a lot of thoughts in a million different areas that I’m so eager to share.  The other day, an idea popped into my head during my study time at McDonald’s (cheap coffee!) to take a week each to cover the topics, verbally processing the things that are floating around in my mind, seeing if any of YOU have ideas or musings or experiences relating to them, as well.  Language learning, books, nutrition, cooking, making friends, decorating, photos, fasting, family planning, spiritual disciplines, the Bible, daily life, prayer, marriage, motherhood, creativity, the Gospel, staying at home, finances, culture, etc, etc, etc.

Sounds like fun to me, processing together.. whoever you are 🙂


2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Sounds like fun to me, too! I look forward to reading your musings, and both contributing to and reading the processings of your readers. 🙂

    Jones sounds so sweet – I love the image of him contentedly munching on his popcorn, in his own little world. I am sure the life of a first-time mom is fraught with worry and guilt, but it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job.

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