{warfare week} Initial thoughts??

We’re kicking off this weekly-topic-write-and-discuss thing (is that a formal name?) in STYLE, people.  I’m not messin’ around!  Spiritual warfare isn’t exactly the most delicate or P.C. of topics on my list, but it’s been coming up a lot in my life recently, especially in regards to prayer, freedom, the role of the Gospel, and spiritual strongholds.  Three books that have helped me to see this topic in a more Biblical light have been “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian, “Get Out of That Pit” by Beth Moore, and “Praying God’s Word” also by Beth Moore (off-shoot of her “Breaking Free” Bible study, which I have not done).

So.. before I say anything, I am so curious as to your thoughts.  Give ’em to us raw and unadulterated.

  1. When you hear the phrase “spiritual warfare,” what images, feelings, thoughts are conjured inside your mind?
  2. Do you believe spiritual warfare is real?  How do you approach it in your personal life?
  3. How do you think the Church at large (the general assembly of believers) approaches this topic?  What do you think are its victories and/or missing links?  (I’m not talking about the church structure, but rather the every day Christian in his every day life — how is the majority faring in this area?)

More from me tomorrow, after we hear from YOU. (And I promise all the topics won’t be this intense — I have some pretty dull things on my mind, as well.) 🙂

PS — This is sort of in regards to another topic on ‘my list’, but I just want to say.. If you were recently married and someone happened to give you Stormie’s book, and you threw it onto the bookshelf (like me), thinking, “I’ll pick that up when times are hard and I really need to learn” — GO.  Dust that thing off, and read it!  Commit to praying for your husband (or wife or children) daily, specifically, with God’s Word and with faith!  It really will CHANGE things, not the least of which is YOUR heart!

6 thoughts on “{warfare week} Initial thoughts??

  1. Yes, definitely, spiritual warfare is real. When I think of spiritual warfare, I think of Lewis’ book, The Screwtape Letters. I haven’t read it in many years, but the image of the devil’s minions whispering things in one’s ears has stuck with me. It seems like Satan tries to use the areas where you are weak and get you to focus on the sin, rather than the Savior. For example, reminding you of failures and past sins and saying, “See, you’re not growing, you’re not getting any better at resisting this, you’re a failure, you might as well give up, God certainly has given up on you”, etc. Those are lies and cause me to look at myself and what I am doing, rather than at Jesus and what he has done and is doing for me. My sins are covered–yes, even the ones that I seem to commit again and again. He loves me and as I continue to look to him for my acceptance and my significance, and to spend time in the Word and in prayer, the voice of the Spirit is ever more compelling and overcomes the whisperings of the enemy.
    But it is an ongoing battle, definitely!

  2. Sorry for commenting again, but I remembered something else I wanted to say: I’ve also noticed that spiritual warfare has seemed more real and intense since starting Redeemer. One can tell that the enemy does not want the Kingdom to go forth. He would love to see this fail and for believers to become discouraged.
    But he’s on the losing side. 🙂

  3. Jamie. Just my 2 cents.
    I, too believe spiritual warfare is very real and evident in our lives. I believe that Satan uses our human weakness daily to take our focus off of Jesus. I see this a lot unfortunately in my own behavior, especially on days when you find yourself thinking stuff like “is anything ever going to go my way? or I can’t do anything right or I am so unworthy etc.” I also think using the word as weapon against evil is evident in areas of depression and mental illness. These are areas where miracles have certainly occurred and people have been restored to healthy situations both physically and mentally by using our own God-given power like in Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give you power over all the powers of the enemy -nothing shall by any means hurt you”.
    Also, I think if we are all honest we can remember times when we have been somewhere or with someone when you could truly feel the heaviness of evil in the air. A couple of books I have read are “If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy” and “What you say is what you get”. In both of these books there are references to real people who have had similar experiences with extreme evil. One person says that when he commanded in Jesus’ name that Satan leave his home and wife immediately and the room seemed to fill with light and the whole heavy, evil feel simply left them. This, however, happened after several hours of constant praying and fighting Satan with the Word, so I don’t mean it is simple or easy. Satan does not give up easily because he knows we are weak, but if we persist in the word, and truly use the power given to us by God, we can be assured of victory. God is certainly awesome isnt’ He?
    Love you.

  4. Jamie- I have had intense experiences with spiritual warefare. One of these times was at Cornell College where for an entire year the craziest and most bizarre things happened combined with this intensly dark feeling on campus. Not only that but I was an RA with christians living next to me and proclaimed Satanists living down the hall. We prayed all year like never before for the veil of darkness to be lifted. It was crazy when the “feeling of darkness” left campus and even unbelievers were commenting on how different it felt. The one thing I learned though was that it is easy for people to get focused on “the warefare” rather than focused on the “cross”. Anyway, I do think that sometimes we are slow in the church to recognize spiritual warefare and claim the power of Jesus.

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