My Romance with Ideas (and other such stuff)

So this past week was supposed to be {jones week} 😉  I didn’t put out any posts, sorry to be such a bummer hostess!  But, as I have been continually reminding myself, this is my dear-little-blog, and as the Editor-in-Chief of High Countries, I can and should do as I please — even if that means starting *new* things and letting them fizzle out. (Eat-Right August that lasted all of three days? Mosaic Life that I haven’t posted in since I introduced it?  Weekly-topic-write-and-discuss-thing that I only did for one week?)  I’ve decided that ideas in and of themselves are much more romantic than the fruition of them, which is perhaps why they lose steam so quickly on my little blog.  And there’s all sorts of ideology trails and theological pathways we can take from there about my views of life, etc, but I don’t want to today.  Perhaps I should make a promise to not make promises at High Countries.  They only stress me out, and this is NOT a place for stress.  I have all I need in that area already, thankyouverymuch.

8 thoughts on “My Romance with Ideas (and other such stuff)

  1. I love it. I am the same way. I start things but get easily bored. That’s why I “have” 17 hobbies. I always get nervous at gatherings where I meet new people cause they always ask me what I do for fun and I never answer the question the same way. ha ha ha

  2. You are right on. I think the key is getting to the point of asking yourslef “am I really really going to do this?” It’s saved me from a few blog idea start ups on our site which I was so glad I didn’t do because I knew I wouldn’t have finished them. But on the other hand, maybe some of your ideas, which are all good, can encourage someone else!

  3. did this post have anything to do with our conversation at Starbucks the other day??? if there’s any doubt, please note that i said all of that because i like that about you 🙂 i like you for you!

  4. yes jo and jame i’m the same way- oh if we all only lived in the same state we could do random things all day long!
    no stressin jame- i’m the same way!
    love you

  5. Good thoughts, Jamie. I am all about the stress-free blogging approach. I would agree with you that you shouldn’t feel bound to blog “commitments” – if you don’t want to follow through on a topic you had decided to write about, feel free not to! I would also add that you shouldn’t feel like it’s an “either or” thing – that is, you shouldn’t feel like if you don’t do the “weekly topic write and discuss” thing EVERY week, you can’t do it ANY week. I say write what you want, when you want, and we’ll enjoy reading! 🙂

  6. It’s been awhile since I’ve checked on your blog. Talking about it yesterday made me realize that. Now, you will have a link on my blog so I can check on you whenever I get a chance. I completely understand how you feel about not keeping up with current projects or posts. I used to do Movie Mondays and What’s On Your Nightstand. Well, we don’t rent movies like we used to so I can’t talk much about movies anymore and I have no excuse about Nightstand, I’m always reading something however cheesie it may be. I suppose I should talk about sushi for one. BTW, have you started that yet?

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