Dejunking in a land of rich people

Today, I’ve really been longing to simplify our house some more, get rid of clutter, give away things we don’t need or use.  I love this rite of purification — it makes me feel peaceful and happy.  HOWEVER, we are living in a land without ‘Goodwill.’  Where the heck do I take my stuff?  Often people throw things away, but I just can’t do that with some of the things (a couch, for instance).  Japanese usually have either very cluttered homes or very simple ones, not much in the in between range.

I’m looking for options.  Know anyone in Japan that needs some things?? 😉

4 thoughts on “Dejunking in a land of rich people

  1. I was wondering the same thing. Do they have here? There are so many things that the kids outgrown and would like to get rid of without throwing them away. That’s one thing I love about America, someone is always in need (or wants) something someone else has no use for.

  2. Hey– Have you tried the “Recycle” shops around? There are a few right near Oya-kaido that I used to go to……. We called it “rainbow recycle” in my day.

    If you have baby clothes, contact Ai no Kesshin/ Loving Decisions run by Ricky and Sarah Gordon of Living Way Church. They’ve moved since I lived there, but Ginger probably can help you get in touch with them to see if they need anything for their foster babies!!!

  3. have you read Don’t waste your life or REvolution in World Missions (besides the last 2 chapters that are if-y)? those will make you want throw everything out!

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