Current points on the “I miss” list:

  1. The selection of library books in a language I understand being VASTLY larger than the modest two rows at Suruga Ward Library.
  2. Target.  I will always miss you, Target.  Just browsing your aisles was fun.  (Though chasing a screaming toddler through them wouldn’t be as relaxing, I’m sure!)
  3. Cheap shampoos and hair products (with directions I can read — a vital point not to be forgotten!)
  4. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
  5. The regular turkey sandwich on whole grain from Panera.
  6. Shoes that fit me that weren’t found in the men’s section.  (You lovely, petite Asian ladies have such tiny feet!)
  7. Being able to call friends just to chat during Jones’s nap — this happens to be around midnight in the midwest.
  8. Worshiping at Zion.
  9. Neighbors. 😦
  10. Seeing family whenever we want to.

3 thoughts on “Current points on the “I miss” list:

  1. Yep… I know what you mean. Just passing by…. I live in Shimizu-Ku…so actually not far from you. The word “Shizuoka” in your posts caught my eye! I guess we’re neighbors in blog land!

  2. You are at the top of my “I miss…” list. I’m experiencing painful Jamie withdrawal. I want to call you, but my phone is on the fritz–I’ll call when we get the situation sorted out.

    Can’t wait for December 23!

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