“Hima Doyoubi”

.. roughly translated as “lazy Saturday”.  We’re just chillin’ over here.  Our friend Chris is visiting, we slept in till 8 (ALL OF US! Yay Jones!), made coffee and pancakes, and now J and I are watching some VeggieTales online. 

That’s the “cheese” face he’s always making these days, just to humor us so he can keep doing what he wants while we take a picture.  He also makes it when he wants to partake of his FAVORITE snack — cheddar cheese.  He’ll run up to the fridge, do some very serious-sounding jabbering, and then make his “cheese” sign.  If necessary, he will scream, which always met with mama’s frown and the oft-quoted “WE don’t scream, do WE?  WE say please!”  (Oh my, all the things I thought I’d never say!!)

We’ve taken to making every Saturday pretty “hima” — staying in our PJs for a while, eating a late breakfast, drinking coffee till noon.  What do ya’ll do on Saturday mornings??


3 thoughts on ““Hima Doyoubi”

  1. well, i’m just down the road from your little lazy Saturday party, but it is 2:20pm, and I’m still in my pjs, thinking about lunch 😉 i actually made some phone calls home this morning and need to tackle my room which is a disaster zone, but your idea of a Saturday sounds a lot more fun… we’ll see what happens (or doesn’t!)… 😉

  2. This Saturday I went to work at 6:30 AM and waited on impatient football fans for seven hours. Then I took a nap and took my dog for a walk. Now I am watching a movie with Takako. I will finish the night with reading a book while taking a bubble bath. That is a pretty typical Saturday for me. Your Saturday routine sounds great! 🙂

  3. I wake up without an alarm. Which is around 9-10AM. Then I make coffee and sit in my pjs until forced out of them. The past month and a half I’ve been going to weddings every Saturday. Fun but I’m glad Mikey and I are done for awhile. 🙂 This Saturday I may just stay in my pjs all day and read the paper. 🙂

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