When in Rome

..dress like the Japanese.  (Of course!)  Which is how we celebrated Halloween this year.  Or rather, how Jones celebrated.  Let me just give you a taste of the cuteness..

Look at those cheeks!! (We have some better shots to come..)  It’s not too cold here yet, so he was comfortable in nothing but his specially-cut diaper and sumo outfit (called a mawashi).  He didn’t seem to mind being almost-naked, just tugged at the back of his costume every so often and went on with his playing.  His little bum was so cute, I could hardly take any more!!

Last year, Halloween was a family affair — and it was so fun!  I’ve never been much of a costume person, but my husband is GREAT with them.. creative in ways I would just give up over.  I love this about him, that the idea comes to him in the middle of the night, inevitably at the last minute, and he does whatever it takes to make the ensemble complete.  I’m too much of a no-hassle girl, I think, and so I ‘no-hassle’ my way right out of the fun (and into the ‘I’ll just stay home instead’ frame-of-mind).

This year, the local Americans (i.e. two other families and a few friends) trick-or-treated at each other’s houses.  We didn’t think we’d bother, since Jones really has no idea what’s going on and no one else in Japan celebrates Halloween — but Bryan’s last minute costume idea made it a must.  Some more pics..

5 thoughts on “When in Rome

  1. I have to say that is my favorite baby costume to date. He pulled it off very well. Give Bryan and good pat on the back. you should send those pictures in to a parents magazine!

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