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I have a lot I was thinking to blog about — my hatred of all things politics, my introversion and desire for solitude, my new nighttime walking ritual, how music changes our lives, baking, making beer (which my hubby is doing — and it ROCKS!), my neighbors and the friends I love here in Japan, prayer, etc — but I just can’t decide which things I want to share, and frankly, the thought of flushing any of these ideas out in words at the moment makes me very VERY tired.  So I’m going to post pictures..  🙂

Playing in the rain a few weeks ago..


Earlier that morning, he snuck outside in his pajamas (while it was raining!) via our sliding glass doors, dragging his beloved blanket through the mud and water — it was hilarious!!  He had a blast.


At an apple orchard.  We went with our friends who have two kids and ate apples till our tummies said “NO MORE!” .. then we came home and made apple pie.  (Just in case our tummies changed their minds.. which they did.)


The oft-mentioned veranda spot!


I can see the ocean from my perch — its much better on a clear day..


Row of houses down our streeimg_2339

Tis all, folks..

3 thoughts on “Picture post

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, Jamie. It’s so honest and quirky and thought-provoking, plus I’m learning much about Japan. I almost went there on a short-term trip with Grace Chapel (when it was still just in the early stages of beginning to church plant), but then I couldn’t b/c of my job and my friend Linda went instead. (You might know her–Linda Anderson.) Do you have any idea how long you and Bryan desire to reside there?

    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know the enjoyment that your blog brings. My blog is currently sad and pathetic-looking, with no new posts since last august. 😦

  2. These pictures are great, Jamie! Thanks for sharing them.

    By the way, I think of you every time I use my recipe book (photo album with recipes in the sleeves)–on the front there was a space to slip in a picture, and I printed and cut out a picture you posted on Needs More Butter, of Jones reaching for some homemade bread. So cute!

  3. sarah, i’m always glad when you comment! i enjoy your presence here and am so happy that you enjoy my quirky writing offerings! bryan and i ‘plan’ to be here 10 years.. but who really knows?

    kerri — i LOVE that picture! i’ve thought of putting it in my kitchen before.. now i really want to do it!! i’m so glad my little man is on your recipe book!! 🙂

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