I’ve been thinking about my short statement in yesterday’s post of hating all things political..  and watching all of the election coverage online today, I’ve been feel rather humbled by the realization that even being able to say that is a privilege afforded to very few throughout the world.  I’d like to print a retraction and issue a different, more thought-through and accurate description of my feelings toward politics.

I hate the anger, the meanness, the judgment, and the nit-picking that politics can bring out in people.

Seriously — when is it EVER okay to put ANYONE under a magnifying glass and say mean things about them, just because you support a different public policy?  I don’t think that everyone reacts to politics this way — and by and large, the people I talk with and the blogs I read have been friendly while still sharing opinions and supporting their choice.  Its the other stuff I just can’t handle.. My dad always enjoyed a good debate when I was growing up, but I couldn’t seem to detach my heart from the situation — things never ended well.  I feel the same kind of tension here, and I find myself just feeling sorry for whoever gets chosen, knowing that no matter how well-liked they are by the American public during election year, they’re about to be roasted on a stick during the rest of their term.

Let it be said that I’m proud to be a citizen of America, perhaps more so now that I’m an expatriat in Japan.  I am excited to see what Obama’s presidency will hold for America.  I believe its important to support and not just throw jabs at the leader of our country.  I may dislike politics and the bitterness that sometimes goes along with it, but I’m proud to support our country and its leaders, whoever they are.

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