Political sentiments and changing thoughts

WOW.  This article was A-MAZ-ING (by Eric Redman).  My husband received it from a friend, and the LORD used it greatly to help me make sense of my political apathy, helping me want to learn how to become involved and interested in choosing our country’s leaders without letting it embitter me or allowing the anger surrounding politics to affect my heart (see last post).  I am humbled once more..  How could I take such a privilege for granted and just decide that politics wasn’t worth my time?

First, it is not virtuous to side with the majority because one does not wish to stand out among friends, or because one is unwilling to examine all information on an issue, or because one wants to dispense dislikes toward current leadership, in spite of righteous reasons to vote against the majority—in fact, under some circumstances, it can be a horrendous evil. Second, even if one is seeking to be consistent in humility and holiness individually, to abstain from voting on any matter is to allow the majority to speak for you. That same majority, with a victory, might make trouble for the greater populous by means of the evil(s) of which you sought to distance yourself by abstaining from voting.

YOWZAS.  That’s me — I’d rather shun all participation, which allows the majority to take my voice, whether I agree with them or not.

How I wish that the first time there was a probable opportunity for an African American candidate to reach the White House I could have cast my vote for such a candidate without any reservation. However, I am pro-life, and President-Elect Obama is the most anti-life senator to come to power in my lifetime. I also am pro-conservative justices (who limit legislating from the bench). I am pro-marriage— that is, pro-heterosexual marriage. In the end, I could not overlook these issues as I approached Election Day. But the temptation to justify voting for Obama was strong, for I did not want to be against the side of history—of an African American finally making it to the Oval Office.

I have felt these same sentiments as election day approached and passed — I wanted to be on the side of history.  I was drawn in by Obama’s charisma, by his call for ‘change’, by his being loved and adored around the world, and here in Japan. BUT.. but.. but.. I could not justify being drawn to his speech-giving, his likability, his history-making desires, as a reason to vote to make him the leader of our country.

Read the rest of it, you’ll enjoy it..

2 thoughts on “Political sentiments and changing thoughts

  1. My feelings exactly. It is so much easier being detached from the politics when you don’t have american media everywhere so you can concentrate on the actual person based on political stance. Obama stands for so much that I don’t agree with so I could not vote for him. But, I can see his likeability from the perspective of the average American. I pray that he will change the country for the better without having to make the government in control of everything. It will be interesting what the next four years may bring. Now is a good time to pray for our upcoming leader.

  2. I thought long and hard, and found I could ONLY vote, as a Christian, for Obama. But that is what God led me to do….. This is the first time I voted Democrat!

    But I would never say that others– if they really call themselves Christian– should also vote for Obama. I get so frustrated when some Christians think they KNOW who God wants ALL Christians to vote for!

    *Of course* I don’t agree with his stance on abortion. And other issues…. but:

    Here’s some of an email I sent to my friend who was wondering about my thoughts (though they’re not complete here):


    Don’t worry! Non-offensive here! (But I do know that emails sometimes come across harsher than intended– it’s just not the same as a conversation, but is written like one!)

    I think I’d mentioned to you before that I wasn’t convinced that the common go-to “Christian” political issues were really God’s most important ones. And I know that I’m passionate about (in no particular order:

    1. showing mercy to the poor,
    2. the True Gospel (whatever that interpretation ends up being, I mean of course about Christ, but also about love, joy, peace, patience, etc) being taken to the ends of the earth (aka international issues)
    3. and about being stewards of the earth God gave us to care for…..
    4. and I’m sure other things I’m forgetting to mention.

    A good web site is http://www.matthew25.org/quotes.htm.

    I doubt I’m gonna, or anyone’s gonna really be able to change our world/country from its sinful ways, but I’d like to do my best to help it move that direction some.

    1) Unity- we need to stop the divisive politics that has so characterized the GOP
    2) Unity- we need to regain the respect of the world to further the Gospel
    3) Moral- We need to stop unjust wars that kill the innocent
    4) Moral- The trickle down economics called for by the GOP and McCain is not in keeping with God’s plan to take care of the least of us. The current economic problems has proven this point. The poor and helpless of the world are worse off…
    5) Moral- We need to be good guardians over the environment– McCain has not put forth any reasonable goals for doing that other than to drill for more oil
    6) Personal difference of opinion- We do not need to stay and “win the war” in Iraq, it has been won, the current situation in Iraq was our own doing due to the lack of planning and mismanagement by SECDEF Rumsfeld and failure of the President and Vice President to be leaders… continue to put focus on Iraq just puts us farther down the chaos. We do need to continue to fight in Afghanistan, but there must be a point for the next President to conclude that we have to stop (either we reached our policy goals or it becomes unattainable) My opinion is a President McCain is too stubborn to do that given what he has said about Iraq. I don’t want my son to be fighting this war… this is my war… it has to end soon. (And how many daily are we killing in our wars vs. abortion??)
    7) Personal difference of opinion- A the beginning of this campaign, I thought either man would be good, and I was leaning toward McCain, with a full understanding that it is the choice of the administration that makes or breaks a President. His choose of Gov Palin demonstrated to me that he is willing to put politics first instead of being a true “maverick” and I question his judgment.
    8) I have a lot more difference of opinion from McCain regarding his foreign policy stance… but to me, any politician who says they will not talk with a potentially hostile nation “without pre-conditions” is one who limits his policy options and is dangerous… The sources of national power (Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economics- DIME) requires all options to be used.

    NOTE: some of this is from conversations with someone close to me, whom I can’t reveal for legal reasons…..)

    Just thoughts. No “I’m right/ you’re wrong”. 🙂 ERiN

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