Guessing game: yesterday

I’m going to tell you the things that shaped my day yesterday and let you venture a guess as to whether it was good or bad:

  • At 2p, I was still in my pajamas.  Not just comfy clothes — MY PAJAMAS.  And not caring about it.
  • I really, really, REALLY wished I was in America.. particularly so I could drive through a coffee shop and get the biggest mocha they served, with extra whip, and not pay an arm and a leg (and an eyeball).  Chocolate and coffee — genius, I’m telling you. GENIUS. (I did, however, have a left over Mon Blanc latte from Tully’s, which is the next best thing.  My hubby bought it for me the other day, carrying it the whole way home on his scooter.)
  • I burst into tears at least 4 times, by my count. (Probably more by Bryan’s.)
  • Bryan had to leave the house with Jones. Twice.  So I could gather myself into something resembling  a human.
  • I let Bryan leave to study, but had to call him to come home an hour early.
  • After-dinner ‘playtime’ consisted of me laying on the floor in the middle of the play room, blanket over my head and eyes closed, while Jones jumped on top of me and threw blocks around the room.
  • I wanted to go home.  HOME home.  A place where talking isn’t so hard and establishments are familiar and hot apple cider is served and Japanese is NOT spoken.  A place with nostalgia and romance.  A place free of problems.  *sigh* (A place that, frankly, does not exist.  Only in the past and future of my mind, which is NO place to live or spend too much time..)

Any guesses?  …… ding ding ding!! BAD. DAY.

Today is better.  I actually enjoyed my lesson.  I’m smiling and, though I’m still in pajama-like clothing, I’ve at least put on blush and some sparkly earrings to make myself feel pretty (and my jean jacket — that’s my recipe for dressing up the black yoga pants and t-shirt outfit).  I’m presently on my way out to the veranda, homemade toddy Irish creme latte in my hand, books under my arm, and thoughts in my head.  On days like yesterday, I just really want to whisk Jones away to a coffee shop, buy him a cookie and myself a latte (or hot cider) so we can have a moment of silence together.  I can do this here, its just not nearly as relaxing because the nearest coffeeshop is in a mall (Starbucks), has no outside windows, and is ALWAYS bustling. (And its already CHRISTMAS in Starbucks! I’m just not ready..)  The next best is DOWNTOWN, which is a 15 minute busride, costs money, and is dangerous with a busy toddler who doesn’t like to follow directions OR sit quietly (read “not screaming at the top of his lungs”) in a stroller.  Sound like a recipe for a WORSE day? (Could there possibly be such a thing?)

I’m going to try to come up with options for things to do to calm down the day when it turns really bad — things that will relax me while I’m here, on the other side of the world, and not make me wish for home.

6 thoughts on “Guessing game: yesterday

  1. Jamie, I am sorry for your bad day. But also glad you feel better today. I can only imagine how you felt. It’s hard here in the US when one has a bad day and being in a strange land can be very stressful even when things go well. I will pray that you and Bryan can find ways to help each other through times like that. Even when one does not feel like praying, thankfully we have others praying for us and God is working in your life even when it doesn’t feel much like it. Thankfully with Him all things are possible and there is always hope. We’ll also pray that little Jones will learn to be sensitive to your feelings too (he is very young, but he will learn too)
    We Love You!
    Mike and Dixie

  2. Ah, Jamie, I can identify! Though I can’t recreate the homesick feelings, I’ve definitely been having some super-lame-mom kind of days recently. I woke up hopeful that it was Saturday and Jeremy would get up with Liv, but no. Still a weekday in which the waking chores are mine to do. Livia wants to play with a friend today, she informed me… Someone like Daddy, she said. So officially, I am not friendlike and therefore am no fun to play with. I believe it! : )

    Love to you today.

  3. This morning as I watched the Today show, there was a guy holding up a sign that said, “Hello Jami in Japan” Though he spelled your name wrong, I believed he was holding up the sign for you. Then I missed you. Pretend I’m holding up a sign on the Today show that spells your name right, so you know it’s for you, and pretend that you actually get the Today show in Japan and can see it.

  4. Jamie, just wanted you to know I’m sorry about your bad day yesterday and I hope today goes better! I too had a bad day yesterday. I can’t tell if Emmy is moving to one nap/day or not but she fights the afternoon nap and I don’t know how to transition her to just taking the afternoon nap, any suggestions?

    I’m praying for you as you continue to adjust to life there! I remember the struggles I felt of homesickness when we moved away for 2 years some 14 hours away, but it was nothing remotely like living overseas – so I will lift you up before the throne of our Father.

    Got any good book ideas for me? I’d like to take up more reading and less TV! 🙂

    I’m always available to listen if you ever need to talk! Michelle

  5. Hey Jamie, I’m just waiting for one of those days to happen to me. I’m sure I’ll feel the pressure of living in a foreign country before too long. If you ever need to just get yourself away from the house on those days, give me a call. I’m just a short walk away. Or, we can plan for a wine night!

  6. I don’t know if it helps or hurts, but I have to say when I have days where I really miss America, I watch a movie I love. It kinda takes you out of reality a bit and everyone speaks engligh in them 🙂 Otherwise, I’d like to hear anything you figure out to get through those days! I was glad to hear that you are headed home this winter, we have our 6 week count down going until we get to head home! USA here we come! From one “American living in a strange land with a toddler” to another…thanks for being so honest! I really enjoy your blog!

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