My husband rocks


..because he can READ this and knows what it means!  Not only that, but he can say it from memory and sound pretty darn good, too!  Learning Japanese is SO COOL! (Though days exist when I feel quite the opposite..  just keepin’ it real.)

This is B’s toast for a friend’s wedding on Saturday — its the first Japanese wedding either of us have been to, and the couple asked Bryan to give the INTRO SPEECH/TOAST of the evening and also requested that the two of us sing three songs together while people are eating! 😛 I’m excited, just a little nervous on what we’ll do with crazy-fast-loud-toddler-man during the interim.


5 thoughts on “My husband rocks

  1. Praying for both of you today! It’s hard to imagine Bryan saying what is written on that note card… Praise the Lord for all that you have already learned!

  2. We also will pray that the speech goes well. I would say from what you express Jamie, that it will be just great. We are very proud of both you and Bryan for doing this for your friends. We know it is certainly not easy and has taken a lot of work. We will pray that your colds are better and the speech and songs go perfectly. It speaks highly of you all that your friends would ask you to do this for them. What an honor.

  3. Erin,
    Ura had his wedding ceremony. They’ve been married since March, but this was the 式. 😉 Random point, don’t know if Jamie mentioned anything but the last time we went to Capuccino, it just happened to be the day that Ryuji and Maki got married (legally, i.e. courthouse)! Crazy though! We got to see Shingo, Tomo, Yoshi, Daiji, all sorts of old school. It was fun! -bryan

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