Recent tidbits from the life of my little man:

  • He calls berries “Mmm mmm’s” — because we were once reading a book, and I pointed to the strawberries and said, “You like strawberries, don’t you?  Strawberries are tasty, mmm mmm!”  From thence forth, he used that new name, but recently, he’s been asking for blueberries and raspberries with the same sound.
  • His hair is remaining on the longer and curly side.  I love it.
  • He has started asking for bathtime around 10a — something he usually does with daddy about 8p.  I end up letting him play with his colored cups and splash around for 45 minutes or so while I watch and do some homework.
  • Yesterday, Jones and I had two other little boys and their mommies over for coffee — the boys are 10 months old, and he kept running around them, pointing at their faces, and looking at me to excitedly exclaim “Baba! Baba!” (baby).  And I almost cried, wondering when in the world he stopped being one of the little guys he was pointing at.
  • The family was in the car, waiting at a light — Bryan and I both glanced back at Jones to see him looking at us and smiling.  Our hearts could’ve burst out of our chests, he was so dang cute.  I asked Bryan if he ever expected Jones to bring this much joy to his life, and we both agreed the neither of us knew what we were getting into, but are so glad for what God has giving us.

2 thoughts on “Jones

  1. Jones’s hair is so long and curly–I love it! He does have that “big” little boy look, Jamie. But just so you know, I still wonder where my teeny baby went. I’m glad you captured that last moment in writing… I love the way having and enjoying Livia has drawn Jeremy and I closer. It’s like we’re in on this amazing group project that’s fringed with perpetual cuteness.

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