DPP :: two


I think Fuji-san is one of my favorite natural sights of all time.  Yes — all time.  There are few things that compare to the beauty of such an enormous mountain, standing alone and towering over all that surrounds it.  I took this picture Sunday, while hangin’ at a famous lookout spot in Shiz. with Jennifer and Mandy.  As you can see, its still quite nice here.. Its hard for me to believe its already December.  The only thing that makes me think Christmas is all the music playing at Starbucks.


3 thoughts on “DPP :: two

  1. Great Picture! I can’t wait to visit Fuji-San sometime soon. Weather has still been great here too, however, after 50 degrees today is supposed to snow in the night I think (rats!) Looking forward to seeing you all!

  2. Jamie — this is an incredible photograph! Can’t believe that this monster is basically in your backyard, right?


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