A night to remember

Today, while reading books together, my sweet little 20-month-old lifted up his butt cheek and farted on me, giggling like mad! (Are those terms too vulgar for blogging about baby?  One never knows..)

I’m on my way to write it down in the babybook. 🙂  Boys!

6 thoughts on “A night to remember

  1. Ah, the beginning of much scatological humor to come….it’s a part of being a mom to boys.
    I still haven’t figured out why it’s always so funny to them.

  2. I used to get a little irritated with my little first grade boys who would giggle endlessly over things of that sort. Now that I have Cameron I’ve learned that they’re born that way :).

  3. Oh dear. What happens when your little girl does that very same thing? (I’ve been warning Jeremy to tone down the gross stuff he teaches her…) Yes, I think Jones and Liv will get along just fine. lol.

  4. Hahaha….I love it! 🙂 Grady did that awhile back, too….
    He also recently asked me for my hand, which I gave to him, thinking he would kiss it or something and he proceeded to blow his nose into my hand. Before I could whisk it away, he pulled back and said, “All better”. 🙂 Glad I could help.
    Oh yes….and we have also been reading some ‘potty-time’ books, just to get him used to things and the other night at supper (with friends over), he clamped his fists, scrunched his face, grunted and at the end, pointed to me and said, “mommy poop”. Seriously. Where do these kids get these things? Ahhhh!! Miss you Jamie!!!!!!!

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