DPP :: catch-up


A row of TINY shops downtown.  Each little food place was probably about the size of a large American bathroom and could fit about 4 people.


After all the rain, today was a BEAUTIFUL day!  A perfect time to snap another shot from our neighborhood.  This one is looking over the opposite edge of Youkoudai (our neighborhood) from the last picture.  There’s a tiny bit of the ocean visible in the left corner, but mostly this is a great view of the our area and surrounding foothills.  From another point in our neighborhood, you can see all the way downtown on a clear day, which is a 20 minute bike ride.


Cutting out sugar cookies for the Christmas party I’m having tomorrow with five other Japanese moms.  I asked if they’d like to hear the Christmas story, so we’re going to read from one of the Gospels in English and Japanese.  It will be the first time most of these woman will hear about the birth of Jesus.  Please pray!

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