…for plane tickets home.  and for the assurance that God will provide me with all I need to handle whatever is waiting for me when we land, emotions and people and all.

…for music and the way it can freshen my perspective and make me feel so glad to know Jesus, no matter who writes it.

…for my husband.. oh there are so many things.. that he points me in the right direction, that he lets me cry, that he isn’t freaked out by the intense drama of my inner thought life, that he is funny and that there is no one I’d rather take a trip with or watch friends with or enjoy morning coffee with.  I love that I was almost asleep in a dark room when he came to bed the other night, jumping into bed like an excited little boy, too stoked to be quiet — just because he was going to sleep next to me. 🙂  (I didn’t think it was all that cute at the time, but I’ve since found perspective.)

… that my little boy is developing preferences and learning what he likes and dislikes.  Songs on the iPod, drinks, books, games, clothing even.  And I love that he wants to be like his daddy.  He wouldn’t wear hats until he saw dad pull one out for colder weather — now he asks for one everytime we leave and will point it out, so we ALL KNOW that they are BOTH wearing hats. 🙂

… that God chose the weak things of this world, the foolish things, because miraculously, I fit into that.

… that seasons come and go.  Desire to read, write, drink gallons of coffee, eat certain foods, wear certain clothes, act certain ways — they all mysteriously ebb and flow.  I wish it was easier for me to just float along for the ride.


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. This was a great reminder for all of us to be thankful for all the little things (and big things too) that make life great. We also want you to know that Dixie and I are extremely thankful for YOU Jamie. You are a very special wife, Mom and daughter too.
    Love you!

  2. Oh, Jamie. I loved this post so much. It makes me excited that I have a boy (okay, two boys), makes me thankful for things I too often forget to be thankful for, makes me sooooo excited to see you NEXT WEEK!

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