DPP :: the lost photo

I know its January, Christmas is over, and so is December Photo Project, BUT… I have this great photo and I just have to share.


This used to be Denny’s, my hubby’s favorite breakfast spot in our city.  Sadly, it is now a pile of rubble.  But just to be festive, the crew (I assume it wasn’t a random person walking by) threw up a Christmas tree, right in the middle of the lonely lot, and we saw it one evening while filling up the car before our trip to America.  Bryan thought it too funny to go undocumented, so he went out of his way to come back and take a picture during daylight. Hilarious or what?!?!  Poor, sad little tree. 😦

Jet-lag update:  The little dude is passing with flying colors!  Our neighbors are wearing him out next door while we finish some unpacking.  Keeping him awake today has been a cinch, he’s been so excited to be in a place he remembers — we’ll see how the night goes.


5 thoughts on “DPP :: the lost photo

  1. What?!? They tore down that Denny’s. I remember eating there once and ordering apple juice. That’s not strange, except that it tasted like a *real* apple, as if the Japanese found a way to instantly convert a solid apple into a liquid. Nothing like the apple/corn syrup stuff they pass off as juice in the states.

    How sad. The tree does make for a great pic, though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the photo, and am grieving with Bryan (even though I’ve never been to that Denny’s–it is sad when our favorite places become rubble!). Let’s set up a phone date. Tonight (Tuesday evening for me, Wed. morn for you) or Thursday evening would work for me. Thoughts? Or we could wait for the weekend if need be. Love you!

  3. That’s so adorable. To turn something depressing into a mini holiday celebration….all piles of building rubble should be celebrated with the closest holiday! Imagine, the Applebees giant easter egg!

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