Jet-lagged toddler :: day 1


Here is little J at 3:45, eating mac n cheese and watching ‘The Lion King.’  He woke at 2:00a ready for the day.  Dad snuggled with him for a while, but to no avail.  I attempted to keep things low key in the living room until he started jumping on me on the couch and I realized I wasn’t going to sleep at all while he watched his movie — I turned on the lights and we played trains.  Then I got hungry, so I fed him a little something, too.  It’s about 4:20 now, I just put him back in bed to see if he’d sleep a few hours before morning.  At the moment, he’s banging his feet against the wall.  Outlook: grim.

Tomorrow, during the daylight, we begin the arduous task of keeping the little guy awake.  Maybe we’ll try coffee… ?? 😉


4 thoughts on “Jet-lagged toddler :: day 1

  1. Hoo boy, international travel sure does a number on a little one! I’m glad you posted from your home–it’s good to know you arrived safely. We LOVED seeing you again. So fun!

  2. Oh little one. What a darling he is though. Even though it’s 3:45AM he’s still as cute as a button…
    hmm what does that mean anyway?

    Hey Jame, so good to see you and talk to you and hear about your heart. It was nice to be with you again. I hope the trip was refreshing though quick and your readjustment just as refreshing. 🙂

    Love you and your little family.

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