I can’t come up with a post title that isn’t cliche`

I’ve been:

  • Getting my out-of-practice mind back into studying Japanese.
  • For a few days, taking care of the little guy with a stomach bug.
  • Thinking about what to post when I eventually came back to this dear little blog.
  • An endless routine of breakfast, class, laundry, lunch, dishes, nap,  study, dinner, dishes, hang out, bed.
  • Reading like crazy:  “The Heretic’s Daughter,” “The Shack,” “Believing God”, “Sacred Pathways”…
  • Drinking coffee
  • Having fun with my hubby.. LOTS of fun 😉
  • Watching Mars Hill podcasts.
  • Thinking and praying about life decisions.
  • Calling friends and family back home.
  • Trying to find a new rhythm for J, who has been taking 1 nap a day for a year now and is sleeping less and less of it.  😦

..and hopefully updating this blog a bit more.  My brain energy has been monopolized by language and toddler recently.

7 thoughts on “I can’t come up with a post title that isn’t cliche`

  1. Glad you’ve been having FUN! And also hope that the little guy gets to feeling better pronto!

    Did I miss a call from you on Friday? I think I tried to pick up, and then it was dropped for some reason. I assume it was you, and I was bummed to miss you! I want to talk soon–I just need to purchase another phone card. Maybe my tomorrow evening (your Wednesday morning)? Thoughts?

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