I’ll let the picture speak for itself..


..coming sometime in October, Lord-willing!


12 thoughts on “I’ll let the picture speak for itself..

  1. So that *is* what you meant a couple of posts ago about having lots of fun with your husband. 🙂 (So sorry for my totally inappropriate comment. Couldn’t resist . . . well, didn’t want to resist.)

    Congratulations. Love you guys.

  2. What a great way to post the news! When we got Bryan’s call we were surprised at first (it was 6am, Ha!) but mostly very excited for you all and for us too! I’ll bet Jones is excited too.
    Love you all.

  3. Congratulations, Jamie!! I hope your pregnancy goes well. If you ever want a shoulder to complain on from all the pregnancy woes or a friend to laugh with from all the things there are to laugh about from growing a baby, don’t hesitate to email/talk/post/however else you communicate from Japan. 🙂

    P.S. LOVE the shirt.

  4. Love the creative way of letting everyone know your exciting news! I am thrilled for you guys.

    Also, HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY today (though I know it was really yesterday for you)! I love you!


  5. Congrats, O’Donnell’s! 🙂 We’re thrilled for your super exciting news! We’ll pray for a safe & healthy pregnancy & L&D for you! I’d LOVE to know your due date! Emmy was an October baby as well! 🙂

    Praying for you often! Michelle for the family

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