Morning sickness

Yuck, yuck, yuck.  We’re really in the thick of things now.  I remember when I was pregnant with Jones, laying on the couch in between trips to the kitchen and the bathroom, thinking, “How the HECK am I ever going to do this again, with a little person running around while I’m sick?”  Well.. here we are. 🙂  Its not as bad as I imagined, but I’m having a hard time doing much besides moving myself from bed to couch to kitchen to bathroom.  I do take Jones outside and follow him around while he plays, though I’m still in my pajamas when I do it.  My hubby has been so gracious and makes me food if I feel too nasty to do it myself.  So far, this time around, I’ve been having massive cravings in the midst of my general disgust toward food.  The other day, Bryan mentioned something about Shakey’s pizza (we were in Tokyo), I asked him if it was good, and he said “Yeah” in a way that made it sound REAL good, so that was it — I HAD to have Shakey’s pizza.  The thought of anything else made me naseous, but Shakey’s pizza (which I’d never even eaten before) made me squirm with delight.  We spent two hours finding the place — it was well worth it!!  …until I felt sick afterwards. 😦

And, once again, my favorite beverage of all time — black coffee — makes me sick.  Just the thought of it makes me want to ralph. 😦  I specifically kept drinking my morning cup after I found out I was pregnant, wanting to savor my last sips of happiness just in case I would come to hate it as much as I did with Jones when morning sickness began.  I’ve got to stop this paragraph now or my tummy will not be happy.

I’m headed down to the couch to nap while little J sleeps.  I hope these 6-10 weeks pass FAST.


8 thoughts on “Morning sickness

  1. Coffee made me sick, too. I still remember (Rebecca is 9) smelling the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning with nausea and sadness. This too, shall pass!

  2. I’m doing repite care for Rebecca today, Jen tomorrow and I can schedule you in after M2M on Thursday. So sorry you are having a rough early pregancy. I was like you…one food sounded good and even my usual beloved ones made me sick. Hang in there, girl…will pray for a better time of it! Love to you, Jones, Brian and little-one-in-utero, Claudia

  3. That totally sucks! I remember hating coffee too. And I have to laugh at your description of “following him around while Jones plays” because I remember doing the exact same thing. I basically laid on the couch and watched Caleb play.
    Hope this time goes by quickly for you!

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