What I’m missing..

I think its safe to say that I’ve never had such strong food cravings EVER, in my LIFE, before now.  But.. I’ve also never lived overseas pregnant before.  A fellow missionary here told me at a conference last week that she cried thinking about Mexican food when she was pregnant with her little ones, and I thought, “Well.. I want the food, but enough to CRY??”

And yesterday, I cried.  Over wanting my mother-in-laws pies.  And a steak from Outback.  (I think I’ve only had a steak there once in my lifetime.)

More on the list of strongly-desired foods:
-Cherry poptarts
-Papa Johns pizza (particularly the garlic butter sauce)
-Chicken salad croissant from the Green Gateau
-Perkins blueberry muffins
-Whole wheat pita bread
-A cinnamon roll from Tina’s (even before I was pregnant, I was having dreams about this cinnamon roll.)
-Velveeta shells & cheese (a childhood thing)
-Turkey sandwiches, with deli meat from Hy-Vee

I can’t get over how incredibly detailed my cravings are — if I was still living in America, I know Bryan would be coming home every night to a wife who says, “Oh, nothing sounds good!”  Some dear friends are bringing a few things on the list that can survive a trip over the ocean when the come next week (yay!), for which I am eternally grateful.  Seriously. It’s ETERNAL.

This is a big deal, folks.  An I-might-cry BIG DEAL. 🙂


5 thoughts on “What I’m missing..

  1. Oh, Jamie. I do wish that more on your list could make it. 🙂
    It’s starting to feel real; the suitcases are all spread out and filling up! Love you, lady.

  2. When I was pregnant with Maddie, I wanted Amigoes’ nachos soooooooo badly. We only had $5.50 in our checking account, so I tried to put the craving down. Finally, after putting the kids to bed, I trudged out to Amigoes in the dark, rainy evening. At last I took a bite, felt queasy, and gave the rest to Marcus. Ho, hum. At least I didn’t bounce a check! 🙂

  3. hey , was looking for prayer requests and found this instead..you are pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharing in this joy with you .Could you please send us your address so we can send you some stuff. This would delight us.


  4. I know it must be totally different being that you are pregnant and in a whole other country, but I at least somewhat understand your forlorn desire for Perkins, Papa Johns, and HyVee. When I lived in Boston, these things were simply unheard of. How people can eat pizza without garlic butter sauce is beyond me…. I wish I could help!

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