Sweet little dude

Last night, Jones woke up about 12:30 and wasn’t too keen on going back to his crib, so I laid a pillow and blanket on the floor and had him lay down with me. (Just so you don’t feel like my toddler is better than yours, LOTS happened between me laying down and him joining me, including several conversations about the books and cars he could not play with, all which ended with me having to help him lay his head on the pillow and say “no” repeatedly as he tried to get up.  Just keepin’ it real, like Pioneer Woman says to.)  We ended up laying like that for an hour, face-to-face, listening to lullaby-hymns from his CD player and whispering (a new thing) about eyes, noses, Elmo, baby Simon, mama’s baby in her tummy, and (of course) cars and trucks.  After five-minute, two-minute, and one-minute warnings, he happily went into his crib and said night-night to me as I closed his door.  I went to bed thinking, “That was perhaps one of my favorite moments with my son thus far.”  Who knew midnight wakings could be such blessings?


4 thoughts on “Sweet little dude

  1. You know, Chloe is at her most loving in the middle of the night. Luckily, it’s only a few minutes until she’s calmed down and ready to go back to sleep. Maybe Jones is just trying to prep you for when the baby comes! Tell Jones hi for us and hope we can play together Friday.

  2. That is very sweet. Jones definitely has a mind of his own but I have noticed that he also has a very sweet, soft heart too. I enjoy the videos and pictures when he is being cuddly and “giving mommy and daddy kisses” It’s neat too that he likes to talk about baby simon. Kind of gets him ready for when his own new baby comes along. When our kids were born, when Dixie was not working, we kind of traded off getting up with them (although I did mostly weekends) and it was super rewarding.
    Glad you had such a great time!
    I hope you feel better soon. You’re a great Mom.
    Pa Pa Mike

  3. I’m glad you shared about this. It’s a sweet glimpse into motherhood. I am really impressed that you were patient enough to share such a tender moment with Jones in the middle of the night!

  4. My dear Jamie, I have missed you and Jones a lot lately, it is great to have internet again so I can read about you both again. Thanks for sharing, and continuing to write.

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