Another list

Hopefully my brain will be able to manage more interesting prose in the near future.  For now, lists will have to do.  There are a few questions intersparsed, so please share your wisdom!

  • With this pregnancy, I am SO thirsty, but water tastes disgusting to me (and has even caused some serious bouts of naseau –weird!).  I’ve been drinking a lot of apple juice and sparkling grape juice has sounded DIVINE, if I could only find some.  Coke really does the trick to absolve my naseau, but I don’t want to drink a lot of it.  Any ideas or alternatives??
  • Jones and I have been spending a lot of time playing with bath toys in the tub.  Its a last-ditch resort to entertain him if I feel crappy and don’t want to take him outside.  Its been maybe everyday this week. 😛
  • Pizza Hut pizza was topic of conversation when the Moreheads were visiting, and now nothing sounds better than a good, cheesy pan pizza from the Hut.  It was the only pizza place in my small town growing up (like most small towns in Nebraska), so I have probably eaten enough to last a lifetime.
  • We are running out of groceries, but I’m dreading taking Jones to the store, not really having the energy to fight a possible tantrum in public or chase him up and down the aisles.  Waiting for a time to go by myself, although I really don’t want to do that either.  Can’t they just deliver to my door?? 😉
  • Fatigue is kicking my butt.  Does anyone find that the more they sleep, the more tired they are?  I can’t decide if I should keep my regular sleep schedule and add a nap during the day, or just take all the sleep I can get at nighttime and wake when Jones does.  Any mothers out there have advice on beating fatigue when you have another little one(s) running around?  Just grin and bear it?
  • I’ve been feeling rather “whatever” about health and food issues recently.  I think I’ve met so many people who have differing opinions on what is good for you and what is not, that I feel a little confused.  I used to care quite a bit, but I just don’t anymore, and I’m not quite sure what to think of it.

6 thoughts on “Another list

  1. Ok, sounds like you are dragging butt. As for drinks, really water down apple juice. Basically a splash of juice to flavor your water. Or, if you have any crystal light to sprinkle into it. As for Pizza Hut, if you ever want to take a trip up to Yokota with us, you can get your own American pizza on base. That’s always an option, plus it’s like going to America and only three hours away. As for sleep when you have two, you’ll have to grin and bare it for awhile. Sleep as much as you can now because depending on number two, you may not get much sleep once he/she is here. I think I ran on fumes for several months after Chloe was born. Good thing Etta was still napping, every once in awhile nap time would overlap and I’d get a little nap in on the sofa. BTW Mochizuki is open after Jones’ bed time, if you are desperate to go without kids (been there done that!). Gotta go, Etta needs help finding a specific toy food.

  2. I found when I was super nauseous while pregnant with Emily for the first 3-4 months that Ginger Ale did the trick, it’s a bit like the sparkling cider you were mentioning! 🙂 Hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. i definitely agree with watering down your juice, especially if you’re drinking a lot of it. i also add a little lemon juice to water. it helps w/ nausea, adds flavor to plain water and the lemon taste makes you more thirsty so you keep drinking 🙂 there’s also some amazing flavored carbonated waters made by kirin that i became slightly addicted to, such as the grapefruit one – i could see that helping… only problem is they change their drinks like every 6 months so you never know how long it will last. i also found this but haven’t tried it

    if you’re not in the mood to go to the store right now, dude, just don’t go! if you’re like me, you can make the food in cupboards last longer than you’d expect! and just maybe you’ll be up for going tomorrow 🙂 also, i know a girl who lives in shiz who’s in your neighborhood a lot… maybe she’d pick up the necessities for you if she’s not too busy?! heehee!

  4. Jamie
    Get all the sleep you can now. I can tell you from very resent spell I have had is the more I sleep the more I want and if I was pregnant that would be great because
    I would be storig up for when baby arrives, but I am not pregnant and I know it is ok to sleep when your body tells you to sleep. You will wake up and then can’t sleep like I am doing right now.
    Let me know if you want me to send you some crystal lite
    for your water. Also when yu get your box from Chris your water treatment pitcher will help with the taste.
    Love yu
    Mom (Dixie)

  5. I’ve heard water with lemon can be a good compromise when water itself isn’t appealing, and I second the suggestion of Ginger Ale (or even 7 Up, if you can get it). Obviously water with something in it would be healthier, though. 🙂 And, to do your own version of sparkling juice, you could try mixing your juice of choice with one of those sodas. Yum! 🙂
    I hear ya on the fatigue! Sometimes I have felt like I get more tired when I get A LOT of rest, and yet, I agree that it might be good for you to get all the sleep you can now as long as its helping. I would listen to your body…don’t make yourself sleep until Jones gets up, and yet if you’re out cold, you obviously need it! If you naturally wake up earlier, then you can comfort yourself with the option of a nap later, if need be. There’s my two cents! Wish I could help more. 🙂 Love you!

  6. Can you find sparkling water or mineral water? Sometimes when water isn’t appealing, having that bit of fizz helps a lot. You can add a splash of juice or lemon or whatever to flavor it a bit, if that helps.

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