What I did today

Today, after I put Jones down for his nap, I went up to the bedroom to sit on the bed and fold laundry while watching some Gilmore Girls. (Our bedroom gets awesome light during the day and has become my favorite hang out spot during J’s nap.) As I was toting the basket up the stairs, I saw crumbs, dust bunnies, and the occasional toy littering the steps — and then I saw the pile of books at the top of the stairs that needs to be “dealt with”, and the random stacks of whatever all throughout the office that also need to be “dealt with”, and then I thought about the dishes in the sink, and the plastic totes with winter items sitting in our bedroom, and the stack of mail from the past six months in the basket by the front door. I wondered to myself, Am I lazy? Do I not get anything done during the day? Am I being a bum by watching Gilmore Girls during nap time instead of tackling some of these other chores?

And then I decided that I needed a little reminder of all the things I do during the day that AREN’T task-oriented. I was reading excerpts from “A Mother’s Heart” by Jean Fleming yesterday, and she said that she realized if she were to spend her time doing the things that made her feel “good” and “successful” at the day’s end, she would give her life to lesser things — laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, bill-paying, etc. She needed to rewire her brain and let go of her “good day/bad day” expectations so she could freely give herself to the important things — relationships, being with your kiddos, finding ways to serve or spend time with your hubby. Relationships should always win over to-dos.

So I’m making a list — of all the things I did today, relationship-oriented and not, to help me rewire my brain. It needs some serious rewiring, people!

  • Woke up, laid in bed for a while, snuggled and talked with B.
  • Got dressed (Woo hoo!  First thing in the morning — success!)
  • Got Jones’s clothes while Bryan got Jones.
  • Made pancakes.
  • Fed Jones — and he spontaneously wanted to climb on my lap for a snuggle. 🙂 So fun!
  • Threw in a load of laundry.
  • Did my hair. (!!! — another BIG woo hoo!)
  • Washed breakfast dishes.
  • Started a video for J.
  • Talked with a neighbor.
  • Played a tickle game on the couch with my little guy.
  • Took a few laundry items upstairs to hang outside on the veranda.
  • Showed Jones how to open up his bedroom door so he could play trucks on the veranda.
  • Read “Jamberry” with Jones.
  • Let J play with random things in our room while I tried to put away laundry from the last two weeks (I hate that job!) — he ended up using hangers to bang on the trashcan like a drum.
  • Played some “throw-me-in-the-air” game on the bed with J.
  • Made granola bars and lunch, but didn’t do dishes for either.
  • Fed the boys and myself.
  • More tickle games on the couch.
  • Finished the video from earlier with J.
  • Put J down for his nap.
  • Perused the internet.
  • Cut the granola bars.
  • Looked at the dishes in the sink and bypassed them.
  • Thought about thinking about what to make for dinner.
  • Put the laundry on the bed — brought the computer upstairs to watch some Gilmore Girls..

and here I am.  Even when I type it out, it still doesn’t seem like much, but I’m trusting that God will multiply my efforts and lead me when I really am entering into laziness and not just rest.  I don’t think I’m there yet, but one never knows when living in a foreign culture — a lot of “resting” can be done in the name of culture shock, language study, and homesickness!  Not to mention motherhood and pregnancy — sheesh!

7 thoughts on “What I did today

  1. I just read about relationships taking a lot of time and are “inefficient.” But well worth it. I would like to be rewired, too.

  2. I’m also reading a mother’s heart… and can totally relate to not getting things done!!! I constantly remind myself that feeding, diapering, and cuddling with a 3-week old is my PRIMARY job… all of the other chores are secondary. Praise the LORD for his grace! (and my husband’s grace too!)

  3. The thought came to me the other day (I’m sure not original, but anyway) that our relationships with others is something that we’ll still have, and enjoy, in heaven.
    So perhaps that’s something that is important to be cultivating here.
    Maybe even more important than laundry being folded and put away.
    Although that’s a good thing, too.
    And although Marc says Gilmore Girls gives him a headache from the nonstop talking, I like it. 🙂

  4. Don’t worry, we all have lazy days and days that we accomplish a lot of things. Just make sure your lazy days aren’t every day and you’ll be fine! I suppose, we all have our lazy moments even on productive days. Here I am instead of looking up my chicken recipe for tonight. Better go.

  5. keep doing what you are doing. Enjoy every minute with Bryan and Jones. The dust will wait and so will the laundry. My dust is so deep I can draw pictures but that is ok. You do an awesome job whith my grandson and I encourage you to spend as much time as you can with them because one day he might come to the USA and you will have wonderful memories of his childhood.
    Love you

  6. Keep doing what you are doing Jamie! The enemy is a jerk face telling us that we can’t ever get anything accomplished. When we are all gone to be with Jesus and our kiddos are still here on earth they will remember those relationship times much more than anything else. I need to rewire too. I feel like I constantly condemn myself for not doing everything “good enough” or not getting enough done. Lies, all lies.

    Becky Webb

  7. Love you, Jamie. You have taught me a lot about rest and relationship while still remaining diligent in the work you are called to do! I hope we can catch up soon, dear friend. I have no internet at home, so skyping is out for now. I will call you sometime this week–when might work?

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