My new favorite juice

WOW is this stuff tasty.  It’s tangy and sweet and amazing, made from the acerola fruit, which has the highest concentration of vit. C of ALL fruits.  Saw a friend put it in some smoothies and bought some for myself — only it won’t be going in any smoothies!! Too tasty on its own.

Go find some acerola juice, you won’t be sorry!

2 thoughts on “My new favorite juice

  1. I read up on the acerola cherry years ago since the Nutrilite vitamin products we get from Amway/Quixtar have always used acerola cherry because it is the best Vitamin C source there is. I have taken them pretty much every day for 20 years. Especially the double X and Bio C plus.
    The energy drink they make is called XS and is sugar free and depending on the flavor you get is usually 0-2 carbs, around 8 calories, B vitamins, folic acid and amino acids. One of them is cherry blast which is great and another favorite of mine is cranberry grape. I don’t get them often since they are a little pricey but when I do I really like them. Much better for me than redbull or most other energy drinks I am sure. So your juice should be very good for you too.

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