Can it really be?

I sat down just a moment ago and marveled to myself that I actually had a totally and completely ‘free’ moment.  The boys are out running (we found a used jogging stroller a few months back, and B is training for a half-marathon in August), I did all the dinner prep I could without actually cooking the meal, made and baked some granola bars, did the dishes in the sink, and tidied up the living room (i.e. picking up random toys).  I thought about putting away laundry — there’s always laundry to be put away, isn’t there?? — but realized I did that earlier this morning.  Could this really be? A moment I’m not stealing from something else, a bonafide FREE moment?  I decided to spend that moment blogging. 🙂

I’ve had more energy today than in the past three months combined — and I maybe have accomplished more, too.  It feels nice to feel somewhat normal again.  Happily, I’m now into the second trimester (17 weeks along), I’ve sprouted a little bump (pictures forthcoming.. whenever we take some), and I can’t get enough food.  Seriously.  I’m stomach-aching hungry every two hours, so I spent part of the afternon yesterday scouring the internet for high protein food and snack ideas.  In the process, I found and decided to follow their daily protein/diet recommendations for pregnancy, which include two eggs, four glasses of milk, and two servings of meat, among other things.  WOW.  I have high hopes, though, that this might help tide my ravenous appetite so I don’t have to be so creative with snacks.  (When you start eating cheese and crackers or a yogurt smoothie EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. it gets a little old.)

Also, for the interested folks, we found this past Saturday that we are having another little boy! I’m stoked for Jones to have a little brother and have already been praying that God would bless them with a tight friendship — living overseas, I’ve always been a little sad that my childhood and Jones’s childhood would be completely different from eachother, but here will be another little boy who will be able to relate closely with Jones as they deal with being foreigners in school, being bilingual, being O’Donnell boys, etc. 🙂  Admittedly, the first words out of my mouth were, “Awwww, man!!” as I pictured two little Joneses running around, throwing fits, and breaking things.  Boys will be boys, I guess!  But I’m sure no two boys will be the same.. perhaps they’ll be opposite, even, though I can’t imagine a docile, will-less child emerging from our gene pool.    I’m not apprehensive, though — in a way, I’m strangely excited to have a crazy, loud, boy-filled home, and I wouldn’t mind if God even threw two more into the mix.  🙂 (Just one little girl, please, Lord!)


7 thoughts on “Can it really be?

  1. We have two little girls and they fight constantly and break things, I don’t think you can get away from it. I’m interested in hearing how the high protein diet works out. Looks like you’ll be buying a lot more milk than usual. Again, congrats on the upcoming boy. Now we’ll have to find someone else in need of lots of girl clothes around here!

  2. Congrats to you on your upcoming baby!

    That’s wonderful that you’ve found the blueribbon baby site. I have done a tremendous amount of research on The Brewer Diet the past 2 years, both personally and as part of my childbirth ed certification. The principles in the “diet” are so important in preventing pregnancy complications and growing a healthy baby. And additionally, I’m using it right now for my current pregnancy! Just a few thoughts: The checklist that’s available for printing is extremely helpful to keep track of daily eating. I printed it off at around 14 weeks and laminated it. Then I taped it to the fridge and have a dry-erase marker next to it. It really has simplified keeping track of my daily intake. Honestly, without the checklist, there is no way I’d be able to do it!

    Also, there is another website dedicated to The Brewer Diet that is much more comprehensive than Blue Ribbon Baby that I’ve used alot:
    The site is written and managed by a nurse who worked extensively with Dr. Brewer while he was still alive. I’ve communicated with her the past 6 months. Also, I like the layout of the daily checklist on this site better than the one on BBB.

    Anyway, if you have any questions about it, or just want some moral support, please feel free to e-mail me: Blessings to you and your growing family!

  3. That’s great, Jamie! Congratulations on your boy!! I felt a little sad when I found out our second was a boy too… I had been looking forward to dolls, hair ribbons, etc. But, our two boys are best friends and it really worked out well to have two in a row so close together since they like doing the same things and can play together all day. Having a girl third was the perfect combo!

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