woke up early to shower and put on a dress, just to feel pretty.  brewed coffee.  ate a tiny bowl of some precious mini-wheats. intended to study.  started, but ended up reading emails and blogs, and occasionally staring out the window.  its overcast, but the birds are chirping.  its the type of weather i enjoy being outside in because i can stay cool.  i really should study, i have lessons today.  all i really wanna do is tidy up our house, drink a bit more coffee, and sit outside thinking as J plays in the sandbox.

i also want to buy some flowers to make our yard look pretty.  its REALLY ugly, ya’ll.  really.  but i haven’t been able to bring myself to spend the money since we don’t know if we’ll be here through spring or not.  spring is far away, i know, but i hate acquiring and having extra to pack, even if its just a few pots.

getting out by myself today for a little R&R after my mom’s two week visit.  it was fun.  🙂 but traveling to kyoto and tokyo, walking all day for a few days, and doing a fair amount of the navigating and translating when without the hubby was a little taxing on my pregnant body and its weary mind.  i’m going to go somewhere pretty, order something sweet, and just sit.  be jealous. 🙂

i have hopes of seeing you soon — hoping the weather and my refreshed heart will provide more blogging energy.  don’t count on it yet, though.  a tired mama can change her ideas pretty quickly. 😉


2 thoughts on “today

  1. Ya know? I know it might not seem like the most practical thing to do… buying flowers for a place you won’t stay in… I struggled with that when I moved to LA. But I bought a couple of potted plants (could be moved??) and my roommate has taken care of the place so that now even though I am leaving after only ten months here… i am really happy to sit outside with a cup of coffee breathing in the flowers.

    Who knows? Even getting your hands in some dirt might be therapuetic. 🙂 I vote for some plants. 🙂
    Love you Mrs. O’Donnell and miss you mucho much!

  2. I had the same thoughts as Joanna.
    Get some flowers. 🙂 They’re good for your soul.
    And you don’t have to move them if you don’t want to. Pass them on to the next person who lives there.

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