happy to be home. in the midst of regular life.

we’ve had a crazy three weeks around here.  my mom and a friend came to visit for two weeks (!!), which was sooo good for me.  we did some traveling to kyoto and tokyo, and i did a fair amount of walking that my pregnant body just wasn’t used to.  then last week, we spent five days away from home, traveling as a family to utsunomiya to visit staff friends, pray, and ask questions about how we would fit into the ministry there, should God lead us to go.  of course, we made an overnight stop in tokyo to stay with the ebbers, which is always full of food, laughter, and GOOD conversation.  i stayed up waaay later than usual, though, which is typical for our time with them. 🙂  it was all good until little J decided to have a few five-star fits whilst in utsu that just drained whatever i had left from my mom’s visit.  i’m wiped.  and happy to be home.  this week, i plan to live a normal, slow-paced life around the neighborhood — taking as many slow walks with J as possible, visiting the neighborhood parsk and letting him look at all the little bugs and grassblades as long as he wants.  other things on the list:

-take a good look at my pantry and little upright deep freeze and see if i can get two-weeks worth of meals out of their contents.  should be fun and interesting.  we’ll see how far we can get with just purchasing produce, eggs, and milk!

-clean out the dining room cabinet and DUST IT.  hasn’t been done since we moved here (yikes!) — and contemplating a possible move of dish items to the cabinet.


-fold laundry and put it away before it sits for a week.

-snuggle with my little dude and enjoy him as he enjoys being home.

-keep the evenings free to hang with hubs.

what are YOU doing this week??


3 thoughts on “happy to be home. in the midst of regular life.

  1. this week should be fairly exciting. I’m going to start shopping for wedding bands. Even though it’s still a little early, Mikey and I would prefer to get them from the jewelry place where he got my engagement ring. And even though he’ll be back here in July… I REALLY wanted to pick his ring out. 🙂
    Wedding invitations should go out.
    Finalizing a place for the rehersal dinner and CA reception (different places).
    Sending out a newsletter.
    Going to the beach.
    Shopping for some fun wedding items.

    That’s about it for the week. Then I’m going to a WILCO concert with my roomie on Saturday. Woo hoo!!

  2. Had a belated “spa day” this morning that was my Mother’s Day gift. Then….

    Sent daughter off on trip to Chicago with friends today. Welcoming home daughter and future son-in-law from Nashville (his brother’s wedding), via Texas, tonight. Hoping to get some of their wedding plans nailed down. Going to my nephew’s wedding in Omaha on Friday. Sending son to PYA camp in New Mexico at 5 am Saturday morning. Going to two baseball games of youngest son during the week.

    Enjoying a beverage and conversation with my husband in between the rest.

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