birds make nests. and so do i.

I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and rearranging like craaaaaaaazy around here.  So much for my ‘normal week’ ambitions.  But in my book, this is far better!  I’m ordering my world, woo hoo!  Feels like its been months.   Throughout my travels from room to room, I’ve randomly wondered if God just knows something I don’t and that’s why my nesting instinct is kicking into high gear so early — perhaps in His merciful foresight, He sees the circumference of my 36-week belly and decides better of waiting till that point in time.

In my frenzy, however, I haven’t left much time for sitting on the floor and playing trucks with Jones.  He’s been keeping himself busy with drums, the neighbor girls, and “Nemo,” and hardly seems to miss my emotional presence, though.  He still calls out to get confirmation from me on a truck, animal, fish, or book, and will come running to get kisses if he gets an “ow.”  Again, as I travel between rooms, I randomly daydream about doing whatever he wants to do for the day.  It seems utterly ridiculous to type that out — just do it today, Jamie.  Do it right now.  (I would, but the neighbor girls are here, and this is a strict ‘bye bye mom’ time in Jones’s world.  He pushes me out of the room and closes the door.. ha!)

Whether its because of my beloved Floradix or the foreknowledge of God Almighty (or both), I’m enjoying the reprieve from the constant tiredness and a really dirty house.

When you were pregnant,  what do you remember of your nesting instict?  Any crazy weird things you did, like cleaning shot glasses with a toothbrush? (FYI, I have NOT done that.. yet.)  (Dudes, if there are indeed any of you out there, you can answer for your wives.)

4 thoughts on “birds make nests. and so do i.

  1. I never got to the nesting (thankfully I had wonderful friends to “nest” for me in those last weeks when I was in the hospital). Jason did keep asking me when it was going to kick in. 🙂

    I so appreciate your thoughts about playing with Jones — I am always wondering if I am giving Simon enough time, and hearing you process some of the same things is always an encouragement.

  2. A thought on children getting enough time with their mothers…..
    I am probably biased in this, but I think the pendulum has swung a bit far in parents being playmates for their children. Okay, necessarily, for the first child, one will probably spend more time playing with them; but it’s important for children to also realize that they CAN play by themselves and entertain themselves quite nicely, thank you.
    The most important relationship (after God) that you need to make sure that you are giving enough attention to is with your husband. Your child will feel loved by the fact that his parents love each other deeply, and that he is a welcome part of the family, but NOT the center of it.

    End of sermon. 🙂

    I can’t remember any real nesting stuff, other than just trying to clear a space for the new one to land in. 🙂

  3. if only!!! i’ve been waiting for this mysterious “nesting” period but all i’ve experienced are “unmotivated,” “tired,” and “the nursery is still empty ” periods… what’s up with that??? hopefully nesting will kick in soon so this little guy has a place to sleep come september 🙂

    love you jamie!

  4. I remember nesting with Etta. I was 33 weeks and was organizing her room in particular, good thing since she arrived the next week! Surely that won’t be the case for you, but I think it’s a normal habbit. Since we moved at 32 weeks with Chloe, I had to nest, but then was put on bedrest since I went into preterm labor. Eric got to do the rest of the nesting for me. hee hee hee. It will be funny to see what happens once you’ve cleaned and organized everything, if you’ll feel complete or need to do more like clean shot glasses with toothbrushes.

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