lazy day.

Today has been nice.  And lazy.  Bryan and I stayed in bed a little longer than usual.  Jones woke up wanting to read and showed me a picture of a sad hippo. (“i-po saaaaa.”)  He carried it around all morning.  Jones enjoyed some alone time in his room, listening to his favorite CD.  He puttered around,  dumped out all his toys, and eventually found one he wanted to play with.  I took that opportunity to put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, check some email, and read a little.

After lunch, we watched Elmo together and he went down for a nap.  I thought briefly about ‘doing something’ and decided to take a nap too.  (Gotta relish these ‘only one kid’ days while I can!)  It was heavenly.  I woke up an hour later to thunderclaps and a rainstorm.  Went around and closed all the windows.  Went back to bed to listen to the rain.

When J woke up, we played in his room for a while.  Recently, he likes to pretend he’s a baby and have me burp him.  (That should be interesting once the real baby arrives!)  I built a fort that he played in for one minute.  Seriously.  Then we made some popcorn.  He is currently watching a movie, with his popcorn bowl and apple juice.  I am blogging and starting a little dinner prep.  We are having oat bran banana pancakes (AWESOME) with yogurt and fruit, scrambled eggs, and little breakfast weinies.  I love breakfast-for-dinner.

Good times.  Good times had by all.


2 thoughts on “lazy day.

  1. Ahhh… I wish I could come over for breakfast for dinner…. and some good conversation.

    Sorry I couldn’t see you this month. Change of plans and I ended up staying in LA. But it’s been a good decision overall. 🙂

    I miss you girl. Praying for you and the little fams.

  2. Jamie
    Cherish the naps and baby yourself every chance you get. Cuddle your boys (Bryan, Jones and Ezra) and have fun playing in the forts you will all fit if you make them big enough.
    Have a picnic in it and give my boys a great big hug!!!!!!!!!
    Love and miss you lots.

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