happy things.

:: The little one is having a heyday in my belly.  Feeling him squirm is so fun.

:: Visiting friends at the moment.  Lots of laughs. Good food and conversation.  Easy and laid-back fellowship.  Iced toddy.  All are good things for my soul.

:: Came back to our friend’s house (from an event) early last night to bathe Jones and put him to bed.  Their place is set up so beautifully and thoughtfully.  Had a few hours of total quiet, all alone, with rain falling outside, in a beautiful place.  (And I ate an ice cream bar.)

:: My amazing hubs got up early with Jones and let me sleep in.  Till 9:30. (!!) It was awesome.

:: Got to take Jones to Tama Zoo today, let him roam around, and have some good chat time with my friend, miss Molly. 🙂

:: My husband still looks at me like I’m sexy, even though I have a big bump under my clothes.  It’s hot.


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