musings. (or ‘i like bullet-point posts.’)

:: Received some ‘puppy chow’ from neighbors.  I’ve eaten half the bag myself already, and now little dude #2 is doing flips.  I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday, and she showed me where I could locate his head, his legs, his little bum.  Its fun to imagine him inside of me, moving around, picturing his baby face.  Can’t wait to meet you, kid!

:: The time with my midwife was quite encouraging.  (Minus, of course, the obligatory scale reading.  Four kilo this month.  That’s over eight pounds.  EIGHT.  Yowzas.)  Bryan’s Japanese lesson didn’t begin until 10:30, so I left Jones at home with him and drove off to my first medical-type appointment EVER, sans my translator husband.  It was a victory, people.  It was a year and three months in coming, and it could’ve been much longer.  But I am so happy that I am now able do things like this by myself. I feel even more confident if I have a little vocab prep beforehand (i.e. focused time of trying to remember the words/verbs for contractions, to gain weight, iron, etc).  I’m tellin ya, this is life-changing.  Who wants to make ‘to do’ lists for the household affairs, only to have to pass it along to hubs because you can’t pick up the dry cleaning, make a doctor’s appointment, or find something specific at the store by yourself?  Still a lot I can’t do, but the ‘can’ list is increasing.

:: I really hope God allows us to have more than two kids.  After we found out that this next one was a little dude, I thought to myself, “Yappari.”  In Japanese, it means something akin to, “Of course it would be so” or “I wouldn’t expect anything else” or “That makes sense” — such a convenient and compact word!  In the weeks since, I’ve had a growing suspicion in my heart that I’m going to be one of those moms with boys galore.  And I really like the thought.

::  Enjoyed an afternoon free from household obligations, just because I said ‘no more’ to myself.  J napped and I spent 20 minutes finishing some things around the house (washing spinach, putting dishes away, cleaning up lunch) before settling in for an afternoon of blog reading.  This has been my favorite naptime ritual, of late, and I’ve found much encouragement and inspiration from it.

:: I wish I was more of a picture girl.  I love the look of pictures and the thought of capturing moments on film, but I rarely bother with the (seeming) hassle of getting out the camera.  Much to Bryan’s chagrin.  (The camera on my phone is well used, though.)  I prefer to write about moments, I guess.  Or think on them.

:: I enter trimester number three on Saturday.  I hope to celebrate by going to the Ohama pool, which opens the same day.  And covering up every part of my body but my shoulders and ankles.  (Just kidding.  Sort of.)  I’m also gonna celebrate with something sweet.  (Being pregnant in summertime just kills you on the weight gain!!)  Only three months to go till its safe for this little guy to come into the world!!


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