a poem for you.

I want to write for you,
so much so, I was
penning the words from
my bed and had to wake
to write them down.

When you are the topic,
lyric is all that’s appropriate.


Remember how we looked
into each other’s eyes
that first night?
Sitting on that street bench
till 3 am, sharing stories
and laughing,
timidly touching hands
and hoping for the future.

The future collided with us,
fast like a train
taking us to places we
didn’t know we were going.

And now we are here.

It feels to me like
the cusp of something new,
and I don’t know if
I’m just being romantic
or if I’m hearing sighs
of truth.


You laid on that blue couch and
I spoke from my heart,
and like so many times,
I cried.

This is nothing new.

But God did something,
perhaps if only in me,
and I feel different and
full and ready.

I want to see you
the way He means for me to.
I want to be your crown of jewels,
your lily, your pile of rubies.

I want to look in the distance
and see no one but you.


There are few times
that I understand why
I was made as I am,
few times where I
feel chosen and special,
as if His whispers contain
life itself and are
for me only.

But this moment,
I will entertain that notion
and hope for another.


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