the simple woman’s daybook.

I’ve been seeing this on a few other blogs I read: the Simple Woman’s Daybook.  I needed a little help with my writing inspiration today, so I’m giving it a go.

Outside my window…
my neighbor’s beautiful garden, with a few purple hydrangeas peeking out.  our yard is a sad, sad sight in comparison.

I am thinking…
about what to do with things in the “get rid of” pile.  I don’t know where exactly to take them in Japan — there’s a second hand store a few minutes away, but I’m not confident I would be able to communicate or understand the situation well if I took the things there by myself.  We’ll see..

I am thankful for…
air conditioning, homemade bread, pretty aprons in pretty colors, iced coffee.

From the kitchen…
scrambled eggs, tuna melts, pizza dough for tonite that’s currently rising, and the best-tasting homemade pizza sauce.

I am wearing…
the “go to” gaucho pants that are dark grey and a little too hot for the recent weather, and a green and brown sleeveless top.

I am creating…
a nest for the new little one.

I am going…
to eat pizza on the grill for the second time in four days.

I am reading…
Hearing God
by Dallas Willard, 1 Kings

I am praying…
for a warm and friendly countenance, for a love for the Bible, to delight in giving my life and time to my little boys.

I am hearing…
a few birds chirping, the keys as I type, the livingroom a/c.

Around the house…
I have crossed the kitchen off of my “get ready for baby” list, and our bedroom, the hall closet, and a few details in the office and in Jones’s room (where all the baby stuff has been kept in the closet) are left to be finished.  I would compare this loooooong nesting phase of mine to how you feel when you want to settle into a place you’ve just moved to.  We’ve been here, in Japan and this house, for a year and a half now, but somehow I’ve found that I didn’t do all my settling the first time around.

One of my favorite things…
These little coffee-creamer-type looking packets I found at the grocery store here.  They sell in caramel macciato and vanilla latte, and you add them to a glass of milk to have a nice, iced treat in the middle of the day. 🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Japanese lessons (I’m in the persevering phase at the moment.. no desire to study AT ALL); hang with our friends, the Hara’s, tonite; take Jones to his first hanabi (fireworks) and move in a two-and-a-half-week house guest on Wednesday; go on a date to see Harry Potter on Friday (I LOVE the movie theater! Feels so much like home..); and see a friend’s family for the first time in five years on Saturday.  A full but fun week.  Perhaps a trip or two to the pool.. Jones keeps putting in his request to go by saying “Poo with mama, poo with mama,” which is different from the smelly nasty diaper junk that he calls “Eww poo-poooo.”

2 thoughts on “the simple woman’s daybook.

  1. Jamie
    What a neat way to write. Thank you for sharing it. The poo with mama sounds very inviting as well as seeing friends. Keep up the blog it is great to read and makes me feel close to you guys in Japan.

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