on my mind.

:: if my two-year-old on any given day is napping waaay too long, but i don’t want to get him up because i’m enjoying the quiet and the time to myself, am i selfish?

:: if i spend all my efforts and energy in household and mothering duties and have nothing left to give to my husband, how do i remedy the situation whilst still ruling my home? mothers of three or more, when on EARTH do you ever have energy for sex?

:: what does it mean to give my “best efforts” to mothering a two-year-old boy?  taking him outside a lot?  making sure he gets plenty of adventure? …?

:: how important is it to help your toddler cultivate friendships?  i certainly believe that my dude’s relationships with me and his daddy are the most important and only essential ones at the moment, but how much should i strive to get him around kids his own age?  (this is actually rather tough, as there aren’t many weekly commitments that put him in that setting — situations have to be created.)

i’d enjoy some thought-sharing on these matters, if you feel inspired or free to comment in any areas..


6 thoughts on “on my mind.

  1. Hey Jamie! I enjoyed reading some of your posts today. 🙂 Just wanted to tell you that all you can do in any of those areas is your best and then accept God’s grace. Do what you can and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t reach your ideals. (That’s good advice for me too!!) 🙂 Personally, I don’t think Jones needs tons of friendships at age two. Whatever kids he interacts with along the way is enough in my opinion. Hang in there! Being pregnant in your situation isn’t easy, so give yourself grace!! 🙂

  2. oh my friend i have lots to say about this- especially number 2 questions 🙂
    some friends and i are reading Igniting Intimacy 🙂 if that gives you any heads up! love you

  3. Jamie
    You are way too hard on yourself. Make time for your husband first and Jones wil reap the benifits from your loving relationship. He doesn’t have to be entertained every minute onf the day. He his getting to the age where he wants to be creative and let him find ways to entertain himself. I am sure he has an imagination that won’t stop so let him begin to use it and you can nurture him thru it. You do need to give yourself some grace. Take if from someone who has been in your shoes and wishes she could redo some of her thinking when I was at that point in my life whith 3 little ones. Relax and find time for Jamie in your daily schedule you deserve it and you NEED it. The boys are doing fine. I think you have given Jones tons of opportuity to meet new friends, I don’t think you have to plan play dates just so he can meet kids his age, he will have that opportunity soon enough when he goes to school. nWell Mike and I and Buffy are goin for a walk. I love you. Mom

  4. Ditto to everything Dixie said. 🙂
    Husband first.
    Playdates are overrated.
    And when you’re too tired for sex, let Bryan do all the “work”. I don’t think he will mind…..

  5. I must say your MOM is one brilliant woman. I LOVE her advice. You are lucky to have such great woman in your life.

    You are actually selfish if you DONT make time for yourself. If you are a happy Mama, your children will reap the benefits. (I think I should listen to this advice for myself) If you want to contact me, feel free. It would be nice to share thoughts with someone with same life experiences. Take care

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