knowing that my brain just isn’t available for japanese lessons. at all. or even to light and fun reading.  only to list-making and random wanderings.

making lots and lots of lists.

wondering where on the pre-baby timeline sorting/washing/putting away newborn clothes should fit, since the moistness of this month and next might cause the washing of the clothes to be completely null.

starting on the sorting tonite, just because i feel like doing it.

eating a spinach salad every night this week. yum.

forgetting to take my iron pre-dinner (like the bottle says i should) every night this week.

enjoying immensely the antics of my two-year-old.  and the way he says, “yessa mama.”

wondering which will make me feel more comfortable about birth: not thinking at all about it and just letting it happen, or reading up a ton so i remember more about what’s going to happen.  with either, its likely i will feel some anxiety.

loving my husband, who can’t stop reading Harry Potter, though its his third time through.

wishing i could have a summer bbq with my family in america.

3 thoughts on “ing.

  1. My husband has read HP several times as well! Its hilarious to see a grown man curled up on the couch, reading a children’s book, and yet oh so adorable!

  2. He takes after his dad. Mike is reading the latest book Bryan recommended so not much together time right now. But it is great he can enjoy reading and relaxing. Wish i was a faster reader and would take the time to do it.

  3. i have a feeling that mike, bryan, and jones are out of the same mold 😉

    clare, it is adorable to see your hubby so fixated by a story about a brave boy! 🙂

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